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Berardi's Precision Nutrition



i used to eat alot of carbs and the past 6 months i've tried to remove them completely and i feel i've done a good job but lately(the last month) i feel my body fat isnt dropping as much as it should(weekly skinfold measurments) especially the Umbilical, i am about 10% now, was about 15%.

My main goal would be to get down to 6% but it looks like it an impossible mountain to climb.

Anyway i've been doing a lot of reading the past month on T-Nation and have come across John Berardi and found some great articles that he's wrote. Now i'm thinking of given his Percision Nutrition a go and was wondering if it is recommended by all. What results have you achieved?

Thanks for your time


Best money I ever spend.

He teaches you how to go about body recomposition systematically. And how to KEEP your bodyfat low forever.

Do you need visual proof???


Could we get a discussion of Precision Nutrition happening here? I've been ADing it for about 2 months and while I've made some progress and will stick with it for at least another 2 months I feel that I would like to cycle it with some other diets - I know thats not ideal but I get too bored of just 1 style of eating. Ive been interested in PN as well.


Visual proof always help :wink:

Whats PN?


PN = Precision |Nutrition

however it is mostly a fantastic cookbook, and DVDs of JB explaining it all, with guides on how to tailor it to your goals

lots of this info is available here, but it is all put together into one package, you also get access to a very supportive and useful message board

worth the money, but i imagine it's aimed more at those who have much less knowledge than the typical T-Nation veteran


The big question is that If Followed will results be achieved?


I'm the wrong guy to ask as i stick to it maybe 50% at best and currently am 195lbs at 10%

many people have made good progress, however if i was you i'd give the get shredded diet a go first



look at some of the examples here

"Mikey the Bull started out at 199 pounds and 22.9% body fat 8 weeks ago. He has been consistently dropping one percentage point of body fat every week. Today we did a Jackson Pollock 7 site skin fold measurement (taken every two weeks as part of the PNN biweekly evaluation) and he was 13.29%! A 10% reduction in body fat in 8 weeks."

that is truly amazing


lol...where can i find the get shredded diet?


i personally think that its getting to 10% isnt too hard and its getting below that that its really tough as i findin out and thats why i feel i have to do something different


If you have consistently been low carbing it, leptin control might be your problem.

And a wrecked metabolism.

And/or a low level of thyroid hormons.

Anyway, Joel Marion to the rescue:



but keep in mind:


I hope this gets you started.



the get shredded diet


intersting reads there, thanks, leptin control does ring a bell, me eating no carbs at all is not good at all, i must look ino it further.

i think my metabolism is okay cause i try to eat every 2-3 hours,
I personally think that one of my killers is stress, i live and work in a stressful environment and i go to bed for 2am every night but these things are nto good for my cortisol levels ?

Thanks :wink:


More sleep would be good.


PN is great! I have it and use it most of the time.

If you are afraid to slap down $97 for the whole program, I suggest you go to Amazon.com and pick up John Berardi's book "The Metabolism Advantage" for $16.

It contains much of what PN has including 8 weeks worth of meals and recipes along with an explaination of many of John Berardi's beliefs and reasons for what he suggests in addition to 12+ weeks of training programs.

Do it! If you love "The Metabolism Advantage" you can upgrade to PN to go to a whole new level.

If you hate it, you only lost $16.


quote]Millerizer130 wrote:
More sleep would be good.[/quote]

i try and get the most i can, normally asleep for 2am and get about 8 to 8.5 hours of sleep

what extra does PN have over the book?


PN is here: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/system.html

From that site...

*  One complete system made up of 7 guidebooks, a gourmet cookbook, our online digital audio/video library, an online membership, and more -- Learn at your own pace, whatever way you learn best
* Covers the entire spectrum of goals, from female fat loss to male muscle gain �?? Learn exactly how to get to your chosen goal as fast as possible, and stay there permanently
* Access to the private Precision Nutrition Member Forum �?? get support when you need it, 24/7, from Precision Nutrition experts and thousands of members from around the globe.


I started PN at the beginning of 2007, and have been doing Cheat to Lose the past couple of months.

I think PN is a great program that will teach you how to customize your nutrition to fit your particular needs.

That said, for me the general PN guidelines are too carb restrictive and spreading the cheat meals over the week instead of all on one day doesn't achieve the same leptin benefits. I enjoy Cheat to Lose more, and have for the first time been able to get to single digit body fat with it.

My recommendation is to try both, and adapt the best of both programs based on how your body responds.