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Berardi's Precision Nutrition


I was wondering how many T-Nation folks ordered the new precision nutrition package?

How do you like it?

Because I was thinking about ordering it too and wanted some input.



I have it and like it. there is not a lot of new info in it. I didn't really need new info though. I needed a way to put everything into action and this provided me with it. I'd say if your unsure of what your doing with your diet this is the missing link.


Get it! I would call a blend of all Berardi's articles/posts/ideas all rolled into a easy to follow, structured plan. If you were to follow it the way it is designed, as a plan, I don't think there is any way you couldn't acheive your body comp. gaols. The only way to fail would be to not follow and fine tune it to your needs. Which is all laid out a well.

You can't beat the recipes in Gourmet Nutrition either.


in your opinion,

is the information inside only for newbies or also for more advanced dieters?


In my opinion it is for everyone. There is not a lot of newbie science stuff in it. Like BJ said it is a plan you follow to acheive you goal, regardless of what it is. JB points out just because you consider your self training advanced your are a nutrition beginer unless your following this plan, or you already have the body you want.

Oh and I think BJ is stalking me.


Mine will be here tomorrow. I'll let you know.


Hahaha, no, I think we just know where to get the good info.


My rational for buying it was looking at the price of No Nonsense Nutrition was about the same as the intro price of PN. So I looked at Gourmet Nutrition and the other info as gravy. I knew I would at least like the DVD


I ordered it as well. I have started going through it, and if you every read JB's stuff here, then PN will be very familiar. That is not to say that is bad. I really like the way he laid the whole thing out. My wife is reading it as well, and we are both enjoying the cookbook. I had planned on ordering the e-book anyway.

So much information, so little money.



I finally decided to order the package.

Before the discount ends.


After watching the dvd alone I realize I should have gotten it a long time ago. JB has a very motivating way of telling it how it is and a take no excuse attitude that really gets you pumped up and ready to get it done.



I think PN is great. It really gives you the information you need to dial in a consistent, productive diet. All the great information aside, look at what you get for the price?

NNN, Diet Guide, 5 Minute Meals, Quick Start, Super Shakes, Gourmet Nutrition...Buying just NNN and Gourmet Nutrition alone would cost you 130 bucks. Now that the special is over, spend 20 more and you get all that. Cant beat getting something with so much information from one of the leading guys in the biz.



I would love to tell you how great this package is, except for the fact that It was billed to my credit card Jan 6th and I still have not recieved it. I has sent 5 e-mails and phoned 2X on the precision nutrition toll free line...with no reply. Hope everyone else has had better success with getting theirs. At this point i'm a little pissed



On march 3, I still didn't receive the PN I ordered on january 5th...

and I already paid for it...few weeks ago!


You can get by without it by looking for all of JB's stuff here, but the real benefit for me was the combination of all of the information with the meal plans, shopping guide, recipes etc. No way I'd make myself figure out this cooking business otherwise. It's worth it even just as a t-man's cookbook.