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Berardi's Pre-workout Nutrtion

Chris, in your Berardi nutrtion article, you say for AM training he reccomends Surge plus 30-40 grams of extra carbs(Gatorade). Normally, he suggests sipping during the workout, but, do ya think maybe in this case you should slam it like 10 min before working out, since it’s the first thing you’re gonna eat all day, and to get your glycogen levels up quick to train?


IMO, if you “slam it”, you might feel like puking half way through WO from having it all sloshing around in gut. I tried drinking half my surge before WO and sipping other half during WO but it would tend to sit in my gut to long and feel like it wanted to be pushed back up when doing deads, abs, etc and I’ve seen posts where others were reporting the same problem. I’ve switched to sipping the entire serving SLOWLY through out the entire WO (actually I probably finish about 3/4 way through) and that works much better for me. By sipping it slowly through out WO, I seem to digest it gradually and don’t seem to have any sloshing around gut and actually have better and more even energy levels through out WO. When I would drink most of it towards the beginning of WO, it seemed to spike insulin to quickly and sometimes leave me feeling hypoglycemic towards end of WO and actually experience energy crash towards end of WO. My energy has been much better after I started to sip small amounts through out entire WO.

Heb is right. I’ve experienced the exact same thing.