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Berardi's Opinion: Food Intolerance?

I was wondering what Berardi thought about the food intolerance debate. I notice in the soy article he mentions that some foods that might be bad in excess are okay in moderation.

Do you think this applies to foods that you are slightly allergic to? For instance, if I am slightly allergic to eggs and I notice that if I eat a lot of them I feel gassy and bloated, but if I eat just a few I don’t notice anything, does that mean that even just the few are causing bad body comp effects, but just not noticeably since the dose is small? Should they be taken out completely?

Also, if soy milk causes you gas, does that mean you are intolerant of it?

intolerance and allergic aren’t the same.

sorry i can’t be of more help.


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Hey, Sarah. Don’t obsess about food intolerance. If you have one, you’ll know it.

Are they going to cause body comp effects? No. They’ll make you bloated and retain water though, sure.

The only people who are going to develop these types of food intolerances are people who ONLY eat from the usual “bodybuilding approved” foods. If all you eat is whey, oats, cottage cheese, and milk then your a candidate. and most wont.

Just eat what your allready eating, oatmeal at breakfast wont kill you. The occasional milkshake is all good if you arnt allready lactose intollerant.

Its food. It wont hurt you. How scared shitless about life do people need to be in order to be scared of food.