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Berardi's Old 'Mag-10 Plan for Success' Program?

Who remembers Mag-10, the prohormone?

I remember John Berardi had a twice per day program he recommended while on the sauce. “Mag-10 Plan for Success”. I’d like to run it again. Doesn’t appear in my searches. Anyone save it by chance???

Vaguely. Wasn’t there an Anaconda one, too ?

@marine77 there were Indigo programs written by CT… don’t remember one for Anaconda.

I recall those but was Mag-10 a prohormone? I thought it was hydrolysed casein??

The original Mag-10 was a prohormone.
A fantastic one at that.

15-20 years ago, there was a prohormone called Mag-10. It’s entirely unrelated to the current Mag-10, beyond the name.

From Googling around, it appears the article was posted back in 2001 or so but has been taken down. No idea what it looked like. I saw some references to the three-part Growth Surge Project, so that might be along the same lines: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/growth-surge-project-part-3


Wow, Biotest was pedalling prohormones!

To be fair, they still retail here in the UK although by all accounts they aren’t as effective as the original Patrick Arnold concoctions. I’m really surprise PHs and SARMs haven’t been outlawed yet. Surely only a matter of time.

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@Chris_Colucci thank you for that
EDIT: clicking the links at the top bring up the original articles. Phase two is the one I was looking for. Thanks, again.

@JamesBrawn007, aaannndddd Biotest made Androsol, a spray on Andro product. They went on to publish an article which detailed how to add Finaplex pellets to it to make a Tren/Ando blend that was unreal.
Good times.