Berardi's Gourmet Nutrition is Awesome

I needed to start a thread to praise this glorious e-book. Normally I don’t buy into hype or the e-books that many of the authors produce, but I was just sick of eating chicken and rice all of the time.

I read through all of the material, and I created a food plan that met my goals perfectly. Here is what I’m currently eating:

Breakfast: Mexican Frittata
Snack 1: Almond + Flax Shake
Lunch: Chicken w/ chick peas
PWO Drink / Tuna burgers as meal 4
Dinner: Tex mex chicken and rice
Snack 2: Peanut Butterscotch Shake

And the thing is…everything tastes amazing! I never thought that eating well would ever taste so good - and if you like what you’re doing, you’re more likely to follow through. So check it out if you have the chance, because I’m seriously loving my diet right now, and it’s actually helping me achieve my goals.

Sounds good. how do you make a Tuna burger?

Yup, I bought his PN, and it came with GN1, awesome book

Does he have many low-carb recipes in there?

There are a lot of low carb “anytime” and higher carb PWO recipes. I reccomend getting V2, it’s a beautiful book with a ton of delicious recipes.

Do the recipes tend to have the same macro split?

I imagine it is far easier to pick and choose the foods that’ll total up to a certain amount of calories, instead of totaling those calories AND falling within a desired macro split.

I might have to check it out. I could’ve sworn I saw a deal with PN and GN v2 (yes, I know it was originally bundled with GN 1) at some point.

It sounds like you’re eating that everyday, that would be boring for me and if you listen to Crazy Poliquin potentially lead to food intolerance issues.

I don’t doubt its a good buy, but I brought one of his other books and alot of the food in his recipes isn’t in the shops over here. I might be able to get it if I really searched but for now I’ll just stick to the same old shit.

I’m a big fan of Gourmet Nutrition. Some of the stuff requires a little tweaking to accommodate lack of certain ingredients, etc., but I can whip up stuff from this book and serve it to people and never have to tell them that they’re eating “healthy”. It all tastes good. Been eating meals from this book for months now and I haven’t come across an unpleasant meal yet.

Any one pick Gourmet Nutrition v2? I was poking around the PN site yesterday and saw it was available. Some of those dishes look magically delicious!

If you haven’t picked up a copy of the first yet, do yourself a favor and get on that shit pronto. Damn near everything I eat comes out of that book and at all tastes awesome!

I was actually talking about v2.0 in my above post. I don’t yet own the web-only v1.0

[quote]jstines wrote:
I was actually talking about v2.0 in my above post. I don’t yet own the web-only v1.0[/quote]

v1 is no longer web based IIRC

i have it spiral bound and prefer it’s usability over V2. In the kitchen spiral bound > book bound (whatever the term is)

Good point. I’ll have to pick up v1

Edit: Nevermind, I just realized I bought PN V2.0, and it comes with the orginal gourment nutrition (the spiral bound v1).

I have the new GN but I left it at my apartment down at school… and can’t get it back for another 3 wks. Its nice for dieting. A lot of the meals seem to be P+F, or atleast protein and veggies, which are sometimes hard to make taste good.