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Berardi's Gourmet Nutrition Book


I purchased this book yesterday, and I already just from skimming through it I gotta say I feel like it was money well spent.

But a question I have is I noticed while the recipes give you info per serving it doesn't list anywhere what the SERVING SIZE is. So after you make say some of the protein bars how do you know what size to cut them so you have the right serving size? Or for others how do you know if a serving is 1 cup, 2 cups etc.


Can you weigh out the whole lot and divide by the no of servings (written under the difficulty level bit)?


I suppose that's what I'll have to do. Thanks. I'll try to ask Berardi if I can catch him on here.


But seriously, dude, if you have the exact amount of ingredients and the number of servings they produce - just cut the entire meal into the number of servings! That's it, who cares how much it weights?

If it says it makes 3 servings but you think that 27g of protein per serving isn't enough then just split the thing into two servings instead. Problem solved.




I just pruchased his Precision Nutrition pkg online. When I get it, I'll give you guys my impression of it if you like. I was going to just order the Gourmet cookbook but for $67 more, I got the whole pkg. Looked like a great resource to have.


I'd be interested. Post away!


Check this out: