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Berardi's Get Shredded Diet but with Intra-Workout Modifications?

Hey all - with the Velocity Diet undergoing some modifications over the past few years, has anyone tinkered with the GSD to include Plazma intra and post-workout instead of BCAA/no carb?

The last time I used the GSD I followed it to a T and saw great results, but my strength really suffered and workouts dragged towards the middle/end of the program. Was wondering if the addition of Plazma could help offset the strength losses and if anyone had used it while following the program. Furthermore, would the introduction of Plazma to the regime eliminate the need for the bi-weekly “cheat” day? What modifications would you recommend every 2 weeks to stay within the parameters of the program?

I assume the calories would stay the same but overall fat intake would be less from the 60-80g of additional carbs being introduced.

bumpety bump, anyone?