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Berardi's Creatine and Caffeine Article


I've read this article on the debate of combining creatine with caffeine. And well i felt like after reading it, it left me kind of short and unclear.

I understood that mixing powder creatine with a warm liquid could help absorption but his debate didnt go quite too deep into tea.

I drink green tea (contains caffeine) in the morning and was wondering if it was ok to mix creatine with my green tea before my workout, also would 90 min be too early to take before my workout or should i go for about 30 min with the green tea.


Could you provide a link to the article please.
From my knowledge on the subject, early mono studies used tea/coffee but later studies revealed caffeine to denature the creatine - to what exact level i am unclear.
Post link please.


I think the biggest issue worry was simply the fact caffeine is a diuretic and creatine well your storing extra fluids, wanting to to super hydrate tghe tissues. Thats kind of a competition there. The two somewhat deafting the other.

I dont think tea is a prob and heck I use coffee most of the time if im using creatine.


http://www.johnberardi.com/articles/supplementation/creatinecomb.htm there is your link


If I remember what I've read at johnberardi.com correctly, JB takes his creatine in a cup of green tea at breakfast, so I think we can assume it's ok. Also, in the recent 'Hollywood Muscle' article he says 'It doesn't matter when you take creatine, as long as you do take it.'


Strange article really.
He slates a crossover experiment design and then makes some hefty claims regarding the ability to maintain a loaded creatine state via diet providing one reference. In addition, i have several of the key papers regarding caffeine and creatine use and only one is in the reference list.
There are a myriad of other drinks we can consume our creatine in, why take the risk? Just add some sugars and protein and chug the damn thing!


hi, I am an idiot. what would be an example of an insulin secretagog (sp?)?

is it a metabolic precursor or are we talking about magic sugar?