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Berardi's Cookbook

I bought his cookbook last week because chicken, tuna, and cottage cheese was driving me nuts.
I was looking through the pictures and thought there was no way that sirloin in balsalmic suace would taste as good as it looked. I was dead ass wrong. I am having some for lunch again today. I have also tried the fritatta, though I mangle it every time I try to flip it. Also good. Tonight, Ill try some pesto covered chicken and some of your mock mashed potatoes.
Well done, Doc.

Hey dude

I’ve tried the balsamic vinegar steak… however, I didn’t manage to turn the vinegar into a thick liquid… even when boiling, it remained as it was before: runny liquid.

True it did reduce from about a cup to 0.25 cups…

Any tips of what I may be doing wrong? All I did was bring it to a boil…


Me too. It took forever (next time I will cook the steak while it is reducing), but mine turned to a thick syrup before reducing down to 1/4 cup. It may be the vinegar you use (not sure). I use the Costco brand, and it worked pretty good.