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Berardi: The Numbers Games


I remember reading one of your posts a while back that said something along the lines of “at the bodyweight and BF% you say you want, I’d expect you to be able to bench X lbs.”

E.g. (and I’m making this up) at 5’ 9", 200 lbs and 6% BF, you should be pushing 300 lbs in the bench.

Any chance of you throwing a few rough numbers our way? I’m just curious. 6’ 2", 200 lbs, 10% BF is one completely arbitrary point you could start with.

DISCLAIMER: I know it’s not an exact science or formula, just want the ballpark.

Just to bump this, I agree it would really interesting to hear JB’s thoughts on this. Was it at the beginning of the creation of the T-Man article where he says to the punter “how strong do you think you’ll have to be before you will be 200 lbs at 10%BF?”


Yep, I believe that’s what it was from. It just sounds really interesting.

The bump was funny, an hour after I posted!


One more bump and then I’ll stop.

I’ll bump it.

Me too, I want to hear about this.

I think this is what you guys want.


“For example, when a 5?9” client comes to me at 160 and 12% fat hoping to get to 200 at 12% fat, I ask him how strong he thinks he?ll need to be to achieve that goal.


More silence.

I then mention that most 5?9" 200 pound guys I know can bench press at least 300, deadlift at least 450, and squat at least the same.

Telephone drops.

If you want to get bigger, you?d better start picking up heavier loads ? today!"


Thanks for that link but that’s the article that started it all. I want more.

[quote]flynniec6 wrote:

Thanks for that link but that’s the article that started it all. I want more.[/quote]

I really don’t think you are going to get much more that what was already posted by Berardi. Someone’s maxes are going to vary quite a bit depending on their training parameters and diet.

If Berardi does have more I obviously would be interested.