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Berardi, Temporal Nutrition and Breakfast.

Hi guys,
My first post.
Ive spent almost a year reading and training following the advice from this site. Its a great resource and I have made good progress since I discovered it.

Im really just after clarification of what macronutrients to take when. I am an avid follower of Berardis take on nutrition. I have 6 meals a day. 3 P+C and 3 P+F.

I train at about 1PM each day, 5 days a week, after which I have a PWO shake consisting of protein carbs creatine and BCAAs. Following Berardis guide I have my 3 P+C meals after training, from 2 till about 8 in the evening. My evening meal basically being plenty of protein and veg. My breakfast is generally a 3 egg omelette and a protein shake.

My key question is this following Temporal nutrition my breakfast should be P&F and yet I have read a number of other authors recommend having a really big breakfast of both P +C + F. I think Chad being amoung them

I guess if I was bulking this wouldn?t matter too much. However, I have recently finished a bulk and I am trying to get back to about 10-12% body fat. or more accurately, Look good naked and fit into my 32inch trousers even after lunch. I am pretty sure that Berardi recommends 3 p+F and 3P+C meals even in scrawny to brawny and so maybe even for clean bulking this is the best course?

I would appreciate any constructive thoughts / views.