Berardi Seminar in NYC

Tampa-Terry… Wouldn’t that be awesome to have a seminar here in Tampa?? I’d do anything, pay damn near anything, gather the masses…

JB thanks for the link to that article about alkalinity, answered every question I had. I think I’m going to have to go back and read all the articles you’ve submitted to t-mag. By using that PRAL score, I have noticed how acidic my diet is and will make a change in my diet right now…

Thanks again!


T-Matt, that’s about what it would take; i.e., gathering up the masses and making sure the seminar had enough attendees that it was worth John’s time. We’d have to get actual numbers from him, but at $99 for a day-long seminar, the number 15 (paying attendees) would probably make it worth his while.

There was a Florida T-Cell thread a while back that made me realize how many T-Nation members we have in the state.

Anyone tentatively interested in a Beardi seminar this fall, please PM me with your email address. I might even talk Dr. Gregg into attending, so that everyone could get edjumacated and get some ART, too.

John - Mike isn’t exactly the most computer literate guy in the world. If you PM your info or queries to me I’ll be sure to forward them on to him and let him know.

I apologize on his behalf for the lack of response!

When is your seminar in Indianapolis?

any more t-folk plan on attending?

Maybe just audio tape it and put it on the multimedia section?