Berardi Seminar in NYC

Berardi Seminar in NYC

For all those Berardi-lovers, JB will be giving a Performance Nutrition seminar in New York on Saturday June 12th at Spectrum Conditioning Systems (Long Island). This seminar will cover a wide range of topics including fat loss, muscle gain, eating and supplementing for recovery, and much more. For more info, please email Mike Mejia, Spectrum Conditioning Director at for details. Do so quickly so you can catch the “early-bird” discount! We hope to see you there!

Phil Caravaggio

Also, if anyone is interested in topics related to this talk, let us know here and we’ll be glad to oblige.


Hey JB-Ive been under the guidance of mike and john for the last year and a half. I’m real excited to hear your presenation. Topic ideas… i dunno just the major stuff like how to get big and ripped:)


You guys can do better than that!

What do you want to know about?

I’m actually in the area doing some contracting, but I’ve never been to any seminars or training such as this and I guess my main question is what all will it cover that I haven’t seen?

I’ve read everything I can through TMag and TForums and am a big fan of Surge as well as all of your ideas and articles. But having read most all of your articles and everything from TMag/forums, your DVD, and so fourth how much will be new material? Maybe some PRE-workout nutrition specifics, or possibly refinements or more in-depth details to some of your original material?

Im planning on convering a variety of topics about muscle gain and fat loss…lots of applied stuff and problem solving. However, if you’d like to learn something specific, I’ll be glad to encorporate it. I’ll post a tentative outline my site this Friday.

I’m looking forward to hearing about any new research you’ve been working on, as well as your latest supplement discoveries.

And also - to anyone who is going, a few of us are planning to have dinner in the city at Heartland Brewery so let us know if you want to join.

JB - check your e-mail

I’d luv to see you debate with mike the benefits of aerobics exercise while dieting…Mike gets very sensitive about that issue…In all seriousness Id like to hear about toxicity and what chemicals should be avoided like aspartame msg…


I’m not going to be there but it would be nice to see some of the more advanced and cutting edge body composition manipulation diets and techniques being espoused by guys like Lyle McDonald, Caleb Stone (Par Deus), Loki, and Spook. Yeah, the seven habits are cool and the cornerstone, but a lot of new, and interesting info seems to be coming down the pipe that seems to be challenging the usual wisdom.

I’ll probably be discussing successful systems for:

building mass

losing fat

manipulating hormones (insulin, cortisol, test, thyroid) with food and

digestive health (enzymes, etc)

I was always curious about how the overall pH level in your body could affect your digestion, training, ability to gain muscle as well as lose fat. Possibly a discussion about pH and how to adjust it? Please?

Thanks for the heads up JB!


John is there any chance you’ll be videotaping said seminar? If I were anywhere in the vicinity, I’d go in a heartbeat, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

The topics you’re presenting sound awesome. I just finished first pass on your DVD, and I’m going to go through it a second time. The pH/acid-base load thing caught my attention in a big way, too.

The DVD was very well done, by the way. I think everyone who’s a PT out there should order one ASAP. Very useful for working with clients wanting to alter body comp. (And don’t they all?)

Check this link, T-Matt.



Thanks for your thoughts on the DVD! (you’re check is in the mail :wink:

While the production values could have been a bit better (not terrible, just not exceptional), I think the information was solid.

While I’ve considered video taping the seminar, I decided against it. It looks like I’ll just have to schedule another one down in Florida!


Hell yes. Finally something worth going to is coming to this tourist trap that I live in.

JB, what part of the state will this be at and when?


Long Island…email Mike Mejia for more info. His address is in the beginning of the post.

If you decide to do a seminar in Florida, Orlando or Tampa are your best choices (most central, easiest access from the more distant parts of the state). The best time of year (for you) would be in the DEAD OF WINTER!!! (grin) At least you could go back home with a pink nose and make everyone jealous.

Serious offer: I would be glad to help you organize a seminar down this way. Plenty of T-Folk in Florida that would give an eye tooth to go to one of your seminars!!!

OMG! I had a dream last night that I was at the seminar. Dont really remember any details though.


I emailed Mike the night it was first posted and never received a reply back.

I’m trying to do a bodybuilding show in Sept/Oct so I want to know more about pre-contest dieting, not just fat loss, but super-lean fat loss (competition shape)

Hi John

Wondering if you are planning any semminars in Toronto anytime soon, I know you are located here as well. If not is there any possibility of meeting up to talk or train?