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Berardi Questions


Hi. I've been trying to clean up my diet based upon Berardi's articles and I had a few questions about them.

First of all, why does he say that peanuts are not included in the list of sources of good fats?

Also, he mentions that you shouldn't eat carb + protein meals before working out but to then have some Surge or equivalent right before and after working out and then more carb and protein meals for the next 6 hours. However, I have also heard that you are supposed to have carbs for breakfast to halt catabolism. So what if I workout after breakfast? Should I have protein and fats only for breakfast then? Or could I workout on an empty stomach with only Surge and just have breakfast after? It seems that may not be so good for you since you don't have a lot of nutrients already in your blood to be taken up. Would just a scoop or two of Surge be enough to get me throught the workout and leave enough to repair tissue?

Also, Berardi says to consume casein before bed because it is slow digesting. Is meat also slow digesting?

Finally, there is a 10 g. carb limit on fat and protein meals...can those carbs come from anything, even if it is high GI like milk or flour?

I'd really appreciate any help you can give to me.



Sorry, just wanted to add on to my question on the Surge etc.

Basically, if all the amino acids from the Surge are immediately absorbed, should I have more food right after? How much protein and how many carbs? The Post Workout Puzzle article said that too much protein was bad? And also, assuming the situation where I worked out before breakfast, if if all the amino acids from the Surge are absorbed and then I eat more say 30 min later, won't it take time for them to digest, so would there be a time where my body was breaking down protein? It just seems that maybe I should have eaten before too, but I don't want to be too full to workout.


What are your goals?

If you have the means, I'd say pick up a copy of Precision Nutrition. It has everthing laid out in easy to use templates.

If you are short on cash, review the 7 habits. Follow them, add Surge while warming up and working out and have one one right after. Then goback to the 7 habits style eating.


Well that is do to the LARGE amount of people who are allergic to them. It is thought we may ALL actually be allergic only some more then others so it shows greater.

Good Food is good even just protein will stop catabolism.

Could But you arent stopping me from having my omelet with onion and salsa and an apple,. Find what works for you. It about the timing and WHAT you eat.

Yup you can do that works great. The Carbs and Protien will halt catabolism fuel you and have Glycogen stores refilling aminos in the blood. I would get it in a few mins Prior to starting. I do it where I have meals prior. Then after about two ? hour post meal 20 mins pre w/o start downing my Surge. Gives great energy and helps ME with recovery etc.That?s my way Try different things see what works best for you. It science but like all others NOT perfect.


Sure but better to get veggies and or fruit in its in the WHAT in this case more than the amount. It will be a VERY VERY small serving of flour to be ten grams plus your missing a great chance at nutrients.

How much protein and how many carbs?
A LOT depending on goals, weight of course but largest meal of the day.

Well it doesn?t just go away in a MINUTE but in the LARGE window of things yes FAST. Try it. Less thinking more doing. Paralysis by analysis.

Hope that helps,


This may seem like a nic-picky question but here goes.

I've been studying up on P+C and P+F diets for a while but am a little stumped on this one. I am working towards fat lose and have increased the amount of fishoil i take in a day. I want to take fish oil for each of my 6 meals but when it comes to the P+C I dont know if its hurting my progress. A meal is within the P+C confines with 5 g of fat. But what if I had a meal that meets exactly that then I have 3 fish oil capsules to take? 1 g of fat a piece and now I'm at 8g of fat for a P+C which makes it fall out. Should I just leave all my fish oil until later in the day and try to make up the lost time?


You can have a P&C breakfast in the morning, do your workout and a P&C right after that.



LOL 5 is a suggestion not an unbreakable barrier. Big difference in fish oil and fat from a doughnut with you C's.