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Berardi Outdated or Tried and Tested?


Hi, I was talking to some mates about Berardi's partitioning of meal macros, namely his protein+carb, and protein+fat combos, and not mixing carb+fat, etc.
They said that was outdated stuff and that it is fine to combine to have protein+fat+carb meals. I understand there are heaps of different mentalities, but I always agreed with Berardi on insulin control and the macro partitioning.
What does everyone think these days, are the Berardi 7 principles still relevant, or are they oldschool stuff?


Here's a radical thought, different meal plans and dieting techniques will have vastly different effects on different people. So find what works best for you and go with it...nothing is ever outdated if one person is still utilizing the principles of it with success.


Berardi's stuff is pretty simple these days.

No recent workout? Go heavy on the veggies, some fats and enough protein for your bodyweight

Recently worked out? Still go heavy on veggies, get some fruit in there, get plenty of protein.

That's a general recommendation, from there you can alter based upon the individual


oh, and get some starchy carbs in that PWO meal


First, Stuff that produces results is never out dated. The methods Arnold and company were using are 50 years old by now... But I would bet my last dollar they would still produce great results today.

Second, Berardi's ideas were largely for body composition. Right from the 7 Principles - "Moreover, many people can achieve the health and the body composition they desire following these 7 rules alone." - Its basically a guide to achieve "good" body composition with minimal effort (ie - not counting every oat that passes your lips)

I doubt there are very many top level power lifters worrying about having P+F+C meals. Body Builders however have used the P+F and P+C ideas with great success for decades now. Obviously having a few PB&J's a week is not going to turn you into the Michelin Man, but there is a reason things like Donuts and Ice Cream are typically considered junk food.

And Third, All of these ideas should always be thought of as "jumping off points." Meaning try out the idea, track your progress and adjust as necessary.

The ideas might be "old school"... But sometimes that's the best school to be in. Did you have any specific questions about the ideas? Or just wanted a general feeling from the Nation on the overall ideas.


Because theres no protein in them, save for the small amount in the dairy, not because they mix fat and carbs in the same food item.

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with eating all 3 macronutrients together. Without getting in to the issues with digestion time and all that stuff, theres just no legit science behind separating them for better body comp results.

Keep fat intake to a minimum and carbs high in the workout window and youre good.


has anyone ever tried a completely balanced diet meaning P+C+F every single meal? i have seen ti recommended in an article for ectomorphs


Lonnie123 makes a great point.

Just about every body comp diet that has success will work for the active bodybuilder up to a point, e.g. Zone, Atkins, etc.

Berardi is not outdated. His recent publishings about his own IF experience shows he is willing to challenge his own views and move with the times. I think such an author deserves an honest appraisal.

For what it's worth, my own view is that for a large percentage of average Joes nutrient partioning is a medium to longer term plan for body comp success. Berardi also focuses on food quality, so again this should benefit health over the medium to longer term. Therefore, Berardi's views are all stilll very valid, IMO.


This is where I stand.



It is just easier to separate if you are kinda low carb for some reason.. lets say you have a 90g of carbs day and are eating 6 meals, have 6 meals with 15g of carbs is kinda lame.

Same thing if your carbs are high and your fat is relatively low


Billions of people. Did you even think before posting?


I am always amazed when I hear about such low (to me anyway) carb levels. Are you counting everything, or just starches...and are you subtracting fiber from your total?
I normally eat no bread, potato, pasta, rice, etc. and my low day is 200.


The Bruce Lee cliche' works well here. Stay in this game long enough and you'll figure the shit out. Berardi's 7 is solid, save for a few elements.

I use a little IF, carb cycling, common sense. Mostly eat when hungry, and fuck when I'm not.


I dont count trace amounts, this was just an example tough, I've had days with less carbs than that, and days with more, depending on where I sit.

Keep in mind im doing a Skipload once per week tough which, depending again on where i'm at the rest of the week carb wise, ranges from 900g to 1500g for that day