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Berardi on My TV!

I had just flipped my channel from sports to the news channel to find out the temperature…and John was being introduced on Breakfast Television!

Definitely made my morning…I found it especially funny that the first 3 foods he explained happened to be in my meal plan for my morning-oatmeal, mashed califlower, and pumpkin(which I only bought and brought home before of an article on here).

I only wish I had known about his appearance ahead of time so I could have gotten my book signed!

Awesome job John, keep spreading the gospel of nutrition! You’re reaching the masses!


It was great to appear on Breakfast TV Toronto. And man, it’s hard to get on this one here. I’ve been on BTV in every major Canadian city - many of them twice. But BTV Toronto - that took some work!

However, they really loved the new Gourmet Nutrition book. And me, I just liked sitting next to Dina!

Thanks for tuning in!