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Berardi Loves Nintendo


watch the whole thing, then check out the credits…hahahaha

LOL! Nice pull.


For anybody who grew up playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, that brought back some great memories. I still have my Nintendo, I might have to hook it up now and beat that game again just for kicks :slight_smile:

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Long live Jim Morrison (ya I’m old)

[quote]ScottL wrote:
Long live Jim Morrison (ya I’m old)[/quote]

And Apocalypse Now. The horror… the horror…

Hahaha! You know, when you’re young, you never realize how ridiculous and completely uncool Litte Mac would look if it was real life. Those pink sweats? AWESOME! But then again, it was the 80s…

On a side note, Dr. Berardi should stick with his day job.

Man that brought me back. I used to play that game at the local pizza shop when I was a kid. Those that are old enough to remember, Punch Out was an arcade game long before it was on a home Nintendo.

The phone call from Doc was hilarious. That guy never helped at all! Although tap select between round and he’ll give you a massage.

Speaking of memories, check out this GI Joe PSA