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Berardi G-Flux Question


Recently I've posted a question on the PN website concerning the use of the g-flux concept prior to actually dieting. The answer seemed to support the idea that increasing overall exercise and calories for a period and then cutting both calories and exercise volume is superior to just dieting. Anyone have experience with this protocol? thanks


I don’t know about doing the g-flux concept PRIOR to dieting, but I am doing it while dieting right now. When I first started to diet (weighing 247lbs), I was eating up to about 2000 calories. Right now I am eating up to 3000 calories and still losing weight, but I increased the amount of exercise I am doing. It is easier for me to do more exercise and eat more than to strictly reduce calories only. The only negative to exercising 2+ hours per day is that while I am feeling better overall, I am more tired physically (if that makes sense?).