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Berardi Diet?


I didnt want to clog his discussion in his locker room with newbie questions, so i thought i would ask here. I ask for patience since asking a question correctly can be difficult.

The gist of the thread seemed to suggest that diet minutae after a certain point doesnt really matter. ie: once protein needs are met, fat intake is balanced out, etc then the rest is irrelevent.

My question is where does homeostasis fit into this? Im assuming that you can only loose so much fat at one time. So even if you had a superior method you wouldnt know by measureing merely body fat percentages? As your body would put a halt to it.

We all know that other indicators can be tracked but these wouldnt be relevent for pure body building purposes? So is a calorie only a calorie for body building (after a point) and completely not a calorie for health/longevity?

Maybe there is more to nutrition then just playing with our BF percentages? It would certainly explain why there have been no new methods in bodybuilding but seem to be progress in health and performance.

My thoughts are still cycling through the idea. Any thoughts?


Well, there certainly is more to nutrition than bodyfat percentages. A LOT MORE!!

For the most part, eating for health is reconcilable with looking good and performing well, but with extreme goals like bodybuilding, diet extremes often ensue that are not consistent with eating for good health and longevity.

Berardi has background education in the health aspect of nutrition and experience with bodybuilding. I think he tries to cater to both goals as much as possible, but sometimes differentiations should be made. What is necessary for one is not always necessary or even helpful for the other.

The more you learn about nutrition, the more you'll be able to differentiate between motives.