Berardi + Cereal Post Workout

Massive Eating Reloaded, Part II

JB recommends the following:

One Hour Post Workout (P+C)
1 cup fat free organic yogurt
1 scoop protein powder like Grow!
2 cups frozen berries
2.5 cups cereal

What types of cereal does everyone feel appropriate here?

Cheerios, Total, Corn Flakes, or just go all out on some sugar cereal like Cinnamon Toast Crunch etc…

For someone that recommends whole foods, I can’t believe he would recommend cereal. It’s nasty crap and it should have no place in one’s diet.

Why not eat mashed potatoes or rice instead?

fiber one or all bran would be my choices. But they are fairly slow in GI compared to the others. If you are looking to pack on weight any of the other crap in a box will work. Look for one not sweetend with corn syrup.


I’d say the first 3 you recommended would be pretty good. I personally go with Kashi Heart to Heart. Sounds lame yea, but it’s made with good stuff like Whole Oat flour, all kinds of antioxidants like Lycopene, Green Tea extract, vitamins etc, tastes good too. No added sugar. I think for the 2nd meal, excessive sugar probably isn’t optimal unless you’re bulking and don’t mind some extra chub.

JB recommends smart start by kellogs.

smart start

I definetly would avoid fiber one/all bran for your one hour PWO meal, all that fiber and not only will it be slow on the uptake, you wont be able to eat as much later.

As far as cereals go, enjoy the meal. As long as it isn’t made with HFCS or Trans-fats, you are pretty well off. I actually go for flax cereals so I can get a little Omega-3 in with my meal (still low on fat though) but pick something that tastes good. Don’t know how many meals you enjoy but your PWO meals have the potential to be absolutely fulfilling as far as your sweet cravings go, better PWO than later.

This is sort of off topic, but it reminds me of some reading I did awhile back. Jay Cutler’s post-workout meal fav: fruit-loops, 60 grams whey protein powder, and coca cola. And I am talking a mixture of the aforementioned. By no means do I condone this.

For my first PWO whole food meal I eat all-natural oat meal with honey or bananas and some whey protein.

HAHA, I knew somebody somewhere was drinking Coke for PWO.

Just thought I would add this on if anyone was interested.

As everyone knows a serving size of the boxed crap cereal is next to nothing. U know a 100+ K/cals for a couple spoon fulls. So to combat this while I am bulking I use regular old puffed wheat or puffed rice (basically whole rice or wheat grains that have been air puffed like rice cakes are but not formed in a funky little cake). Anyway take a serving of this which is quite large and low in k/cals and then add a serving of your favorite cereal and you get the feeling of a big serving less of the total crap.

This is while I am bulking of course. But it just works for me, figured others may be interested. Both the puffed rice and wheat are high GI also and good for PWO meals without added sugar and crap. Cheap as hell also. Look for the Maltomeal brand, a huge bag for like $2, and the wheat is only 50 k/cals for a cup and a 1/4 and the rice is 70 k/cals or so.

Give it a try. Just a good way to stretch out and limit the crap while still getting the effect of a large satisfying serving.