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Berardi 1, Mercola 0

Loved this week’s Appetite for Construction column! It’s about time someone brought some common sense into the health industry and the “toxic” debate. Berardi took some jabs at Mercola, but did so intelligently and with common sense. Thank you, John!

I agree. Often times we need to step back and take a “global view” of the issues. We need to reassess our priorities to determine what really matters the most. Keep things basic; exercise, eat right, rest properly, and enjoy yourself! If you get too bogged down in the details, you’ll just lose sight of the big picture and end up disappointed.

You gotta love John Berardi !!! He does his homework and backs all of his statements up with research and science. Isn’t that the way it should be done? I’m sticking to my 6+ grams per day. As far as Mercola goes…I guess somebody always has to go against the grain. I personally don’t think that most of us agree with his “toxic” beliefs. I wonder if Berardi is behind the bew Biotest fish oil product…ya think?

Thanks for the feedback, guys. I dont necessarily think that I was consciously trying to challenge Mercola. His arguements have been articulated by others before. Rather than taking issue with him, per say, I simply wanted to share my opinion on, what I consider, toxic viewpoints.

it did seem quite informative and he shared his opinion but without mercola to rebut you couldnt really say berardi 1 mercola 0. If you read mercola’s stuff extensively you would probably think it was the other way round but then again maybe not. all that i know is that there are soo many different theories on this stuff put forward by soo many really inteligent people that all have extensive theoretical knowledge. So why are there views all so different? It just amazes me… I often read something and think yeah ofcourse that other guy is soo wrong, and then i read the oppoosing opinion and think well that all makes sense to. Alot of the time it comes down to who’s side i read the most recently.

Also, it’s a lot easier for someone in good health who’s never had to deal with any chronic incurable disease or environmental toxicity to blow it all off as no big deal. I read a story that illustrates this the other day. Did you know that miners used to take canary’s (the bird) down into the mines with them? The reason being that when there was some sort’ve poison in the air down in the mine the canary would show ill effects and possibly even die long before the miner would notice anything is wrong and by keeping an eye on the bird the miners would be able to get out in time. Dr. Mercola deals with the people who are most like the canary’s…their systems are weak, they are easily affected by toxins etc. so his opinions are of course not going to be immediately noticeable for bodybuilders who are totally at the other side of the spectrum when it comes to health etc.

Well said Kelly! Sure everything is toxic, but somethings are much more likely to be problematic. Whether you follow everything Mercola says or not, he at least illuminates some potential problems that may be worth looking into.

For instance, look at T-Mag's take on soy. Many people here have read the articles and now avoid the stuff like the plague. Is soy really that bad? I don't know, but is it worth taking the chance when there are so many other easy sources of protein? IMO, no it's not worth the chance.

I think you should look at Mercola's or anyone else's arguments in much the same way.

What's the cost/benefit ratio?
Is there an easy substitution?
Is it worth taking the chance?

It's our job to find the best middle ground.