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Beowolf: To be made into a movie?

Check this out my fellow T-Peoples:

"Beowulf: Entertainment Weekly reports that Director Roger Avary ("Rules of Attraction") and "Sandman" creator Neil Gaiman have co-written a new adaptation of the heroic poem "Bewoulf". The famous sixth century tale of the Scandinavian warrior has been adapted many times before, though this time Avary not only plans to be faithful to the original text but intends to use an actual actor as the monster Grendel rather than relying on CGI. "I want to do something that is on the scale of 'Excalibur'" says Avary, whose presently planning to "go out and scrounge the money together"."

I dig Greek Mythology immensely, but have been reading more and more of late of Norse Mythology. THIS could potentially, make for a good movie.

It already has in a way. Michael Crinton’s books Eaters of the Dead (inspired by Beawolf) was made into a moive a couple of years ago. I think it was called the Thriteenth Warrior. Best of Luck.

Yeah, Older, but wasn’t Antonio Banderas’ character an Arab?

What caught my attention was Avery stating that his goal is a production at the "scale of Excalibur" - and if he can pull THAT off, then wonderful!

Yes, “The 13th Warrior” was based on “Eaters of the Dead,” although I don’t think the latter itself was based on Beowulf. To be sure, there are several allusiouns in “13 Warrior” to Beowulf; for example, the blond norseman hero says something along the lines of “fate often chooses a man when his courage holds,” (a line straight from Beowulf). Structurally, the two tales are rather similar as well: mysterious and terrible “beast” ravages the village, hero comes to save the town, hero must ultimately descend into “hell” or the beast’s lair, hero dies in heroic combat, etc. Nevertheless, Crichton’s book explicitly states that “Eaters” was based on the manuscripts of Ibn Faldn (who is played by Antonio Banderas). In short, “Eaters” is an incredibly poor rendition of “Beowulf”–if it was meant to be one at all.

I personally don’t think Eaters/13th had to much basis on Beowolf. Same basic principle, yes, but radically different in application. My only question is, will they show the weeklong swim race between Beowolf and his friend? (Not neglecting the sea monsters dragging Beowolf to the sea floor, where he has to kill like a dozen of them, before swimming 2 more days to shore, in the North Sea…) That’s cool stuff.

The movie is already out on video. It stars the raiden guy from mortal combat. Just do a search on yahoo. I saw it and thought it was f’n great.

I agree. I love those old epics: Gilgamesh, Homer, and Sophocles.

Beowulf would be a good movie, but when it comes to classic literature, I’m still waiting for a Paradise Lost movie.

Cross is right, there is a really ultra cheesy direct to video version of Beowulf starring Christopher Lambert. It’s actually a more post apocalyptic version of Beowulf. The action is mediocre and Grendel is ridiculous looking, but if you drink 8 pints of Guinness before watching it is actually tolerable.