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bent press + tribex = rough next morning!

I received some tribex500 this week in the mail and thus far the results have been very interesting. For starters, I added about 10lbs to my deadlift and 20lbs to my squat. Maybe its mental, maybe not.
The biggest thing I’ve noticed is an increased feeling of well-being throughout the day - could this indicate a general testosterone deficiency since usually i’m not as ‘cheerful’?

Anyways, as the title suggests - I was doing bent presses yesterday with dumbbells and decided “what the hell, I’m going for the bar…” (i think the tribex has made me more decisive or something!) As Coach Davies has mentioned - its a totally different punishment. This morning, I woke up and literally could not roll over. It took about 10 minutes before I pushed myself over and kind of climbed up off the floor… gotta love that.

The literature shows that Tribex gives you a temporary boost in T - but since you take the pills often, the T stays elevated.

I did a little experiment. Like you, I noticed that I performed better in the gym with Tribex in my system. I also theorized that it would aid recovery.

But I started running out of money. So, I alternated taking the Tribex to boost workouts, and using it to recover. (I worked out every second day). I found that I had much better gains when I used it to recover, because if I used it to workout I pushed my body beyond its ‘natural’ recovery limits.