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Bent Press Help


I've been trying to incorporate the bent press into my training, but I'm having really trouble executing it. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it doesn't feel like I'm doing it quite right. I don't seem to have my form right. I've even tried using a lighter bar, but then I don't feel like I'm doing any work.

I've followed the photos and descriptions in some of Coach Davies' articles, but I was wondering if anyone out there knew of any video clips, photos or could offer additional tips.



This article will help for starters.
Bench Press 600 pounds by Dave Tate.

Also go under the frequently asked questions and there are a # of articles about benching and problems ppl have with it that will help.

Hope that helps


im assuming thats not a typo and you really did mean "BENT" PRESS.

pretty much as long as youre not twisting youre ok. squeeze your glutes tight as hell and brace your stomach like youre going to get punched. then push like a sonofabitch.

you might try just standing straight and dont start leaning/bending until the weight forces you to. at least get the hang of standing straight and then start toying with the bend. keep your feet closer togehter than you think you need to also.

how much weight are you 1-arm(bent pressing) pressing right now?

train hard,
ryan b.


Try starting with dumbells and working up heavy than switching to a barbell.


start with dumbbells.. that should help


Ryan, thanks for the tips. I'll give that a whirl next time. I seem to have the most trouble in timing when I bend down or "corkscrew." I've been trying to just do the move with a 45 lbs bar.

Snippdawg, for me at least, it seems like most of the work comes from trying to balance and stabilize the bar. If I use a dumbbell, don't I lose this effect?

And yes...I meant B-E-N-T press.


The bent press is a technical lift, and one in which you really don't "press" per say. It is more falling away from the weight and locking it out in the bottom. The exercise someone described above is actually a side press, there is a difference. Use light dumbbells and get the form down, but use something heavy enough that will make you work at the same time. If you are performing the kettlebell variety, use the 36 pound bell, if you use dumbbells, you should use something between 25-35 pounds (my guess anyway). The bent press is a fun lift, and great for core work among other things. I do them and I lift kettlebells a little as well. However, keep in mind while these are fantastic tools, they should not be the only things you do, in my opinion. I prefer building my workouts around the big barbell lifts and sprinkling in kettlebells and other things here and there. I think I read an article by Dave Tate a while back and he made reference to the forgotton exercises such as the bent press. He said they were forgotten for a reason. Something to ponder!


I'm digging out an mpeg for you - as soon as I find it I will PM you and find where I can email it to.

In faith,

Coach Davies


I think it is fine to start with dbells because it will help you build up strength to use a barbell effectively. The bent press used to be the bench press of its day up until probably the 30's or so....