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Bent-Over Rows

I started doing rows at likea hundrd pounds -I figured that all I needed to do was bend over and pick up the bar and start lifting it. Well now im up to like 160 and while lookingin the mirror I noticed that my back was really rounded while doing the excercise. I asked a trainor and he said that was wrong that my back had to be flat.

So what do I do now-go back to a hundred pounds to get my form right? Keep doing whata im doing-I mean how flat can your back stay when your lifting that much weight? Arre there any excercises that would help? Thanks

There are some trainers out there who give good advice!

Yes, you need to back off on the weight and perform the exercise correctly. You probably don’t need to drop back to 100 lbs though. On the other hand, maybe you will.

In any event you can do bent rows, deadlifts, squats and all kinds of other exercises with way more weight than 160 without rounding your back. It may just be a form issue with you, but you should also make sure you’re doing enough work for your lower back.

Everyone has a weak link someplace, but if it’s your lower back you’ll have problems sooner rather than later

It also may depend on the angle you are bent at the waist. If you are trying to keep your torso parallel to the floor, you will have a harder time keeping your back straight than if you are keeping your shoulders up a little.

When it comes to your back… always put form at the top of your list of considerations.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to do so the rest of the time either!