Bent-Over Rows vs. Bench Press

How much weight do you all use for bent-over barbell rows compared to the weight you use for bench press? For me, with strict form and 3111 tempo, I can row just about as much as I can flat bench, but my rear delts suck ass and I don’t want to do pussy bent-over reverse flys right now in my training cycle. Should I keep striving for more weight on the rows? What are your ratios?

This was touched on briefly befor in the forum. Still, assuming you’re doing your rows with elbows wide (Horizontal abduction) not narrow (extension), being able to row the same as you bench is quite impressive. I’m assuming the bar goes right to your chest?

Ian King suggests that structural balance theoretically occurrs in the shoulder joint when row=bench. I tend to agree except for the fact that the R.O.M. is shorter. You don’t have the same leverage in your shoulder girdle adductors, so to bring the bar right to your chest may be unrealistic. I’ve had a 55%-45% ratio suggested.

Having said that, if you can do bent over rows with close to, or the same weight as your bench, I would suggest adding some pounds to your bench! You've got the structural balance, so go bench your brains out.

To answer your question, in my opinion, if your rear delts suck and you can row that much (how much for clarification?) than some isolation exercies may be in order. King layed out a rear delt program her at T-Mag. Do a search. Perhaps add the King program to your normal routine to double the volume on your lagging body part.

Being able to row as much as you can bench is impressive! I think it depends a lot on how you do your bentover rows. BigRob mentioned elbows in or out. Another factor is how close your back is to parallel. My bentover row is lower than my bench, but I do these with my back near-parallel to the ground and with an overhand grip, so I’m not sure if they should necessarily be equal or not.

I always got the impression that King means that your should be able to CABLE row as much as you bench. Am I misinterpereting him here?