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Bent-Over Rows: Supinated or Pronated?


when doing bent over rows, is it better to use supinated or pronated? i know supinated would work the biceps much harder, but would it take any work from the back away?


Do they feel "easier" that way?


i honestly havent tried supinated yet.


I find supinated-grip rows weird and unnatural... the same way I find supinated presses odd and awkward. Keep in mind that the bent-over row is the antagonistic exercise to the bench press, and the closer it resembles a "reverse bench press" so to speak, the better.

Of course, I'm not saying you always have to do it that way, or that antagonistic exercises are a must, but it's worked well for me, and many coaches have backed up this idea.


Pronated rows:
Wide grip
pull to lower sternum, upper abs

Supinated grip rows:
close grip
pull to lower abs, belly button



well see i was thinkin since i do about 5 sets or so, just maybe alternate back and forth.


I like my bent-over-rows like I like my chin-ups . . . supinated.