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Bent Over Rows for Guys with a Gut?

new to forums so hey guys… so if i want to do bent over rows its often impossible with my stomach hanging down. any guys know remedies for this{besides loosing weight}… wearing belt very tight?

Your profile says you’re 6’2", 280, and training for 3 years. Is all that accurate? Not sure how big your gut could possibly be that it prevents any kind of rowing. Yates, above, would get near 300 in the offseason and managed to barbell row plenty.

Easiest solution would be dumbbell rows or cable rows, either can be done with one or two arms.

Also take a look at John Meadows’ recent article for some great alternatives:

I don’t have a gut, but a fairly impressive amount of loose skin (from losing a plethora of weight) that does get in the way when I lean over. That being said, I DID use to have this problem.

Try working towards pulling up towards the mid-point/lower chest if you’re using a barbell - this should both help with contraction, mind-muscle connection as well as avoiding your gut.

For dumbbell rows, pull low (closer to the hip) and towards the outside of your body.

well im not exactly shredded, im relatively fat lol

@cris collucio, i like the link u posted, ill giv the 1 armed barbell row a try , looks like itll hit the lats good

I do have a gut, but it doesn’t really interfere with BOR.