Bent Over Rows Are Terrible

[quote]ZEB wrote:
T-Bar rowing is the second best movement to build a great back.[/quote]

For overall back thickness, I would have to put T-Bar rows right behind deads and barbell rows.

Use them all, they all work. Find out which you like best and go back to them over and over. Example, I love BO BB rows. I’ll do these for 6 weeks, then switch to seated cable rows for 4 weeks, then go back to BO BB Rows for 6 weeks, then go to underhand Incline BB Rows for 4 weeks, etc. They will all carry over to each other.

One thing I did find was that after I started doing a lot of Romanian DLs, my BO row got much easier and the weights went up faster.


[quote]StevenF wrote:
Just curious, should one be able to row as much as they bench? [/quote]

Ian King seems to think so, or they should be pretty close, otherwise some serious muscle imbalances may be the end result.