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Bent-over barbell row

Does anybody have a picture of a technically sound bent-over barbell row.
Also, what is a supplement to this lift.

teenwolf ,

this is the best place i know to find out info on any type of excercise or lift


I used the one that Coach Davies uses at http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/243war2.html. It’s about half way done and I found it maintains better form.


“supplement to this lift?”

Depends. I usually perform bb rows after bench and before plate raises. Usually on ME day.

Soooo…what you trying to do? BB rows are basically a back exercise. So, any number of exercises for the back could follow, like pullups.

Check out Ian King’s “Bulk-Building Workout”, T-mag Issue 227. In summary: Knees bent, head-up to keep trunk a little above horizontal and stable, overhand grip, pull to navel. I like to alternate workouts with both narrow (18 inch) and wide grip. Don’t start with too much weight, until you get comfortable with the movement.
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I’d suggest “Bulk-Building Workout” by Ian King (T-mag # 227) as a source of the proper technique. In summary; knees bent, head up with trunk slighly above horizontal, trunk steady, pull to navel. I prefer an overhand grip, but you can try the underhand one shown by Coach Davies and see which works best for you. I’d also suggest mixing your grip from workout to workout between narrow and wide.

As far as exercises that “supplement” this lift, most folks probably view this exercise as supplemental. However, you could consider sternum chins, any of (stiff-leg deadlift/RDL/good morning), shrugs, rear deltoid work, and reverse/regular curls as helping to improve your performance in this movement. Start light, concentrating on learning the exercise. You’ll find that the weight can go up after your technique is sound pretty quick.
old dogg

Thanks everyone for your quick responses. Sorry Patricia, I realize now that it was a stupid question regarding a supplement to this lift. Duhhhh.