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Bent Knee Sit Ups


I've applied to the airforce and am doing bodyweight exercises to prepare for it.
I've been trying to do bent knee situps but i can't seem to do them without having to have my feet hooked under something. If i try them normally my feet lift off the ground. Should a person normally be able to do them without having to hook their feet under something?


To help keep your feet on the ground, try flexing your hamstrings and glutes, and exhale when crunching into the up position.


It's something you have to work at, doing them without your feet held. I don't know how the Air Force does it, but Army has somebody holding your feet.
Some will tell you that crunches are better for working your abs, and they are right, but don't stop working on your situps. They bring in different muscles than situps, and if you only practice crunches and leg raises, you will be hurting when it comes sit up time.


Well, Ill just give my personal opinion...

I was always used to doing crunches from gym class in school and whatnot. Also situps with someone holding your legs. I remember one night I figured Id get some exercise in and i tried doing situps with knees up, no help. It was incredibly hard..i could barely do any without thrusting myself upward.

I worked on this and realized how much more I like doing the workouts this way. Now i can do them much easier.

If you want a real ab workout: look up jacknife sit-ups. Jesus christ are those the best!


You might want to add some pushups and running.

I was in the 82nd Airborne for 4 years but, it doesn't matter what branch you go in, those first 3 weeks are going to be a MF.

Good Luck, you will need it.



Yeah i've got the push ups and running all figured out, its just the situps i gotta figure out lol. Practice makes perfect i guess (i really hate training abs tho).


From my own personal experience, it's weak abs and poor technique. I used to struggle all over and now I can do sets of full situps with 25 pounds on my chest. Try googling a motion called the slow curl-up. That is the same motion as a situp, done slowly. This will teach you how to pull your ab muscles and curl your body up into the situp, rather than jacknifing which most tend to do.


I think its all a question of weight.
If your lower body is lighter then your upper, how can your feet NOT come off the ground if your ass is the pivot point?


Because your ass isn't the pivot point - your lower back is. To correctly move at that pivot, your upper body needs to make a "C" shape. People with weak abs make a "V" shape and can't get themselves curled off the ground.

If it helps, think about tucking your chin into your sternum, and then your upper chest into your belly button. That will help you get there faster than stuggling and kicking your chicken legs off the ground :slight_smile:


ok.. sorry for sounding like an idiot but are you talking about regular situps like the ones done in gym class like in picture 1.. or situps like the one in picture 2?


picture 1


O.k the guy in picture to looks broken..
Whats up with the knees and long ass torso...

/just sayen..


he meant for it to be abstract.
maybe theres some kinda message in there hes trying to put out to us.

btw, mspaint roolz


IM sorry for not painting you a picasso.. HAHAHA, well i can do those very easily, i usually do sets of 50.. sometimes with a weight on my hand. DOes that mean that i have strong abs or what does that mean???