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Bent-Arm Barbell Pullover?


Any thoughts on this exercise? Seems to be one of the lesser performed movements from back in the day. I guess it is mostly considered a chest and/or back movement, but I was thinking about it for trying to target tri's, at least somewhat for the stretch.

As I posted in another thread, I'm very limited with what I can to as far as bending or extending with my left elbow because of tendonitis, so thought about giving this a try, since at least the elbow is locked in place.

I know some do a pullover and close-grip press combo, which I personally never cared for, but thought trying the pullover alone in this case might be worth a try.


You ever try pjr's (tricep exercise) ?


What are pjr's ?


Lay sideways on a bench with just your upper back on it, keep the hips low, get a dumbbell and grasp with both hands like you're going to do a regular bent arm pullover, lower the weight down behind your head, then bring it up and extend the elbows as you come up, stopping just shy of lockout and repeat...really blasts the long head and way easier on the elbows than a typical skullcrusher or any of the EZbar variations. At least in my experience. I love them and am glad my new gym has DBs over 100 lbs so I'm back to doing them again. =)

Like this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8AKsPe_6QM except I don't go all the way to lockout on mine.


Yep, that's them.

You can do them across the bench or not... Upper arms stop at an incline though, not perpendicular to the floor and I'd control the negative more than the guy in the vid.

You also want to lock down your shoulders/flex your lats statically and retract your shoulder blades as if you were benching... Your shoulder joint doesn't rise towards the top of your head when you're doing these (if it does, then your probably turning it into a lat exercise), if that makes any sense. (your upper arm still moves towards the back of your head, of course... Hard to describe what I mean here. Basically, you don't get as much shoulder extension[?] as on a regular pullover. It's not an exercise to test your shoulder ROM :wink:

One of those exercises often used in DC training... pjr is some powerlifter posting at IM who sort of popularized that exercise as an assistance lift.

As josh said... No real elbow strain and a big focus on the long head.


I've put them in my chest day since about January (with the press)

plus some incline db presses...sick sick workout!

anyway, your elbow should be fine. as long as your form is good

also try to go them off the floor, limits the range of motion or possiblity of shoulder problem


This? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaukyaiL_JM It appears to demonstrate a more controlled negative as well, like you mentioned.


Sounds good, I'll give PJs a try. I will definitely stop short of lockout too as this seems to be where I am getting some, though not all, of the pain. Unless I am wrong, I think you can still get a pretty good contraction of the tri's without complete lockout, as long as you are focused on the muscle.


That looks more like it, setup-wise, too.


True, you don't need to actually lock out as long as you can flex the tris to the maximum just shy of lockout.