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Ben's Training (The Stupid Thread 3)

I just switched to Sumo about 2 months ago and feel, like you, much better. I don’t know if it just destroys my CNS but I have felt much better going into and coming out of workouts since the change up.

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Man, had it been hot. Heat index 105 F today, the gym was hotter significantly. Still pretty good workout considering.

Deadlift 495 3x3
Weighted chin 35 5x5
Back down deadlifts 405 3x6
Pullups 3x8
Banded triceps pushdown 3x20 myoreps

All the deadlifts today were slow eccentric. Probably about 3 seconds down. The banded triceps probably was over 100 reps with the myoreps. Better without than I expected.

Haven’t updated in a few workouts. Yesterday was squats, and Friday was bench. Today, I did overhead work. Tried the push press, and I suck at it. I’m maybe 20 lbs stronger on it, but I haven’t done it in a few years, and when I did it, it was for like a month

Push press 185 5x5
Pull up 3x10
Chin up 15,10,10 my elbows were getting cranky
Strick press 3x5
Delt raises 20 3x10
Band press down 3x50
Curls 20 2x10

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Hi @mnben87 only posting so I can follow your thread. Man, I have so much to learn. Great thread thank you for taking the time to post your progress and methods.

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Deadlifts, and the return of heart burn.

Deadlift 455 with 90 in chains 5x3 was pleased with how easy these were
Weighted chin up 35 5x6
Deadlift 455 1x5 cut short because heartburn
Pull up 3x10
Reverse fly 15 3x12
Tricep pushdown 120 2x10 (my cable machine was taken over, so only two sets).

Was going to do db curls again, but some bro horded all the dumbbells.

Thinking no more side raises. Only rear for now. Injury prevention, and they are the most lagging.


Bench today. Was a bit rushed because we have friends coming from our of town. Also elbows were starting to feel a bit cranky.

Bench 290 5x5
Weighted chin 35 3x7
Narrow bench 250 3x6
Pull down with grip that didn’t bother elbows 150 3x10


Squats yesterday were lazy. Did 3x3 with 325, and some pullups 3x10.

Ohp and row today.

Push press 155 3x5
Row 225 6x5 bent over a bit more
Strick press 155 3x5
Preacher curl machine 40 3x15 this machine is really hard. It feels like 60-70 with free weight.
Rear delt raises 17.5 3x15
Rope press down 100 3x25


You alive?

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Yeah, I’ve just been lazy about updating. I’ll write up a summary. Been busy the last couple weeks, training has been a bit less than I would like. Some due to being busy, some laziness lol.


So I have been doing my workouts, but they have been a bit less than they should. Still pretty good, but maybe a bit lacking compared to what I would like. I did do a good shoulder workout last night.

Push press 185 3x5
Pullup 3x10
Strict Press 165 3x5
Chin up 3x10
Curl machine 50 4x15 (each with a drop set at 40 lbs, this machine feels way harder than free weight).
Rope triceps extension 120 4x15 (each with a drop set at 90 lbs until failure).

I’ll try to be better at updating.

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@mnben87 would really enjoy a photoshoot of you posing. Is that something you would be willing to do? You are a (((who said of the Greatest magnitude))) around here please consider sharing your results.

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I don’t think I am in as good of shape as you think. I only post the ones were I look good lol.

In the words of @wanna_be: Mmmmm, yes daddy.


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You know me so well. I swear I read his comment and almost made a post very similar to what you have assumed I’d have said. Due to the recent public acknowledgment of @mnben87 ’s aesthetically pleasing body, hair, and mustache, I refrained. One must wait a pre determined amount of time before re engaging in possible no homo behavior.


Deadlift day!

Deadlift 475 plus 90 in chains (about 45 lbs gets lifted) 5x3
Weighted chin 40 5x5
Pull-up 3x8
Rope press down 130 3x12 with drop sets at 90
Reverse fly 20 3x12

Weights felt light today. Was thinking that even warming up, and I forgot to belt up for the warmups I normally wear a belt for.


Bench on Friday, Squats yesterday (Sunday).

Bench went well. I think I am recovered from my nerve injury. Just not as strong as I was pre injury. About 10 lbs of weight loss, and using less weight for a while I think has contributed to the lower numbers. Pre nerve injury, I could have probably done 320-330 with about the same effort as my work sets.
Bench 300 5x5
Chin ups 5x10
Narrow grip bench 250 3x7
TRX row 3x12
Biceps and triceps (did them, but don’t remember numbers)

Squats, I really puss’d out on these. Went to a bachelor party the day before, so wasn’t really at my best.
Squat 325 2x4
Chins 2x12

Really a poor effort on squat day. Just wasn’t feeling it. I think I’ll do some legs today on OHP day as a punishment for my lack of effort.


Didn’t end up doing extra legs lol.

Push press 195 3x5
Row 225 3x5
Ohp 165 3x5
Neutral grip pull-up 3x10
Incline curl 30 3x12
Delt raises 20 3x15
Tricep press down 130 3x12

Was happy with the push press. I think I’m a bit better at this lift after a few weeks.


Deadlifts tonight.

Deadlift 495 with 95 in chains 3,2,2 (probably 45 lbs of chain lifted)
Pull up 3x10
Weighted chin 50 3x5
Delt raises 20 3x12
Rope push down 120 for 2 burn outs
Preacher curl machine 50 for 2 burn outs

Took it a bit easier today. Flight tomorrow, and don’t want to be uncomfortable the whole time.


Was out in Denver, but did a bench day. Mostly for fun. Did hit 3 plates in a terrible bench. Did since chins and a bunch of arms too.

I ended up being challenged to arm wrestling at a bar, got a free beer, but now my elbow hurts. I’ve said it before, but no more arm wrestling for me.

Ohp day today.

Push press 205 4 185 2x5
TRX row 6x12
Incline press 225 3,4,5
Curl machine and rope press downs did them

Took it a bit easier today. The elbow was still a bit sore. Also I usually go easy after a break.


He lives! Do anything cool in Denver? I’ve only been once and it was super cool. I should be in Utah next week hiking if everything goes as planned

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