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Ben's Training (The Stupid Thread 3)

I suck at powerlifting so my opinion is only based on what i read/watch, but i believe - less is more… Most good powerlifters deadlifts very rare, some even once a month.
One thing i know from experience is that LillieBridge method worked like crazy on my GF… her 1RM turned into easy 5 reps in one cycle.
And that program has you deadlifting and squatting only once in 14 days. Dont know what to do with you not squatting tho, but if it was me and i was serious about this i would probably just hit up Lilliebridge and just pay him whatever the fuck to make this one prep plan.

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That makes sense. I do benefit from low volume. I just think in the past it was too much low volume. Like doing triples 12 weeks out, doubles and singles from about 8 weeks out. I think I need about 6 weeks from moderate volume to peak.

I’ve seen a fair amount of good powerlifters still do once a week. I won’t change that I guess. I’ll stick to once a week. I’ll try to do a squat variation that doesn’t beat me up much, and has more carry over to the deadlift. I am thinking an above parallel box squat would work well. Maybe with a wider stance to mimic sumo positioning?

I would kinda like playing around with this one as far as programming goes on my own to see if I got it. I have done a variation of Cube for several cycles in the past with great success, but damn was it brutal.

Well, if you bend your knees a bit more, deadlift is somewhat of a squat with the bar in your hands, so i believe squating is not too bad for deadlifts also.
I dont think gaining some power on squat will hurt your deadlifts, so LillieBridge Method is good… only thing - you need to know your 1RM maxes for it.
I am very surpsised of how well training 2 times a week, with squating and deadlifting heavy only once every 14 days works… If my back wasnt fucked a while back, i would be on this program right now…
Its basically AMRAP on main lift and shitton of 4 sets of 10-12… Every 1rm of my girl became an easy 5 repper in one cycle.

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Another reason I want to deadlift more often is grip. I have dropped several deadlifts at lockout in meets. I’ll probably add some specific grip training 3-4 weeks out. Grip strength is amazing how fast it builds, but also fades (when I used to be a rock climber, we would all dread coming back after a few weeks off, because you just couldn’t hold on anymore, but 2 weeks later, you would be back).

I had this problem a lot… I couldnt lift many times because my hands would just open. But then i introduced chalk and i have never had grip issues.

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I always use chalk, and still drop them. Maybe part of it was my hook grip wasn’t as good as it is now?

I have stubby short fingers, i can barelly wrap em around a bar.
If i put my thumb into hook grip position with nothing in my hand, i can stick in a pencil. So, i have no idea about that :smiley:

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I have big palms, and stubby fingers. Hook grip for me is good if on a deadlift bar which is thinner, but not so great with a power bar, unless it is for something like rows (lighter weight).

Bench/back today.

Row 235 5x8
Bench 300x5 275 4x5 that first set was pretty tough. Added pauses for the lower weight
Pull up 3x8
Narrow press 240 3x8
Side raises 20s 3x12
Rope pushdown 140 3x10 with do sets
Biceps 35s 3x10 with drop sets

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Training today

Squat 345 10x1
Chin 10x8
Leg press 365 3x10
Bicep machine curl 50 3x12

Pretty easy day. Yesterday was filled with lots of drinking, so I’ll take it. Need to be a bit more motivated in regards to eating and drinking.

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Gym was busy af today. Couldn’t get a good spot for rows, so I did vertical pulls. Also the incline was taken up for a very long time so just did back downs on ohp

Ohp 175 3x5
Pull up 4x8
Ohp 135 3x10
Chin up 3x12
Rope push down 120 4x12 with burnouts at 90, was getting about 8-10 tried on each burnout
Db curl 35 4x12 with burnouts at 20-25 (20s for the latter sets, which I got about 10 reps with).
Db raises 20s 4x15. These I do without lowering all the way to keep tension the whole time.

Pullups are not bothering my elbows this time around, so I’ll keep them in as a variation. Between today and yesterday, I’ve done 148 vertical body weight pulls.

Really felt weak in the delts at the end of the workout.


No types standing or chest supported rowing machines at your gym?

I think there is a hammer strength row machine. I probably could have set up a seal row as well. I got the last rack in the gym, and every platform was in use, so it was pretty busy considering we have like 8 racks, and 6 platforms. All the benches but one were empty though. What ever happened to everyone benching on Monday? That was kind my thought when I decided to ohp on Monday’s. Figured I would have all the stuff I needed.

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Training today.

Deadlift 445 +90 chains 5x3
Weighted chins +25 5x9
Deadlift 415 2x5 got some really nasty heartburn so I cut them a set short. Burning me up, and almost throwing up on the second set.
Pull up 3x8
Bicep curl machine 3x10 50, with drop sets. This machine is really tough
Rope press down 110 3x20 with drop sets at 80

Not really a progression model for the arms. I suppose I’m relying on my compound lifts for that. These are just to make sure the muscle is worked.

Back is really being worked this week. 225 reps since Sunday on chins, and pullups, and some of it weighted. Will be nice to row on Friday.

On a plus note, I’m up a few lbs, sitting at about 198, but the belt felt a bit looser on the same hole.


Training from yesterday. Was a hot one, and I slacked off a bit.

Bench 300 2x5 280 3x5
Row 235 5x9
Narrow bench 240 3x9
TRX row 3x10

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Training yesterday was hot and humid, and I slacked again.

Squat 355 10x1
Weighted chins 25 7x10
Pull-up 3x10

Training today

Ohp 180 3x5
Row 225 6x5 better form in these
Incline press 225 3x5
Tate press 45 3x15
Band tricep 6x15 with burnouts. These really lit me up.

Damn bro, that vein game is on point.

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Still sumo or do you switch it up?

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Still sumo. I have switched a few times, but I get really beat up conventional, so I haven’t done them in over a year.

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