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Ben's Training (The Stupid Thread 3)

how did this make you feel?

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In the context, I wasn’t bothered. It was said in a promotional way. He kinda said I wanna go shoot some guns with you and do manly stuff n word (like he was saying I’m in his group). I wouldn’t say it back of course. He is a very friendly guy. I’ve played soccer with him outside of the gym.

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Squats today. Decided I need to get my form consistent. Just throws me off to much for set work, when I unexpectedly miss groove and have a grinder. I’m trying to keep the elbows more in line with my torso. I didn’t good morning any reps today, but it was not super heavy, so we will see.

Squat 325 10x1
Chins +50 7,6,6,6,5
Leg press 405 3x8
Chins 2x12

Just a short one today. Want to celebrate the 4th, and feeling a bit of fatigue build up anyways.


Training for today

Ohp 165 3x8 these were pretty tough
Row 245 6x6
Incline press 205 3x5
Chin 3x12
Bicep and tricep did them.

Since I’m trying to get my press power back, next week, I’ll move to 3x5 and keep bumping up the weight. Incline I’ll bump up reps to 6, until I hit 8s, then I’ll start dropping reps, and keep increasing weight. Might bump up to 4 sets as well if I get in the 3 rep range.


Today’s training I kept a bit easier. It is day two of three in a row, since I’m going to a cabin Friday through Monday.

Deadlift 405 + 90 in chains 5x3 these felt nice compared to straight weight
Chins with pause at the top and bottom and slow eccentric 5x6
TRX row with slow eccentric 3x8
Biceps 30s 3x15


So this is what the elusive “did them” looks like :joy:


Today was a bit less, due to the line up of workouts. Normally I would do triceps too, but benching tomorrow, so I want them fresh. I normally do a few more sets for each, and I drop set at least a few on each exercise.

I’ll detail it out a bit more next workout. It kinda ends up being a lot to write down, so I just put did them.

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Yea arm work is tedious to track. Only reason I do it is to try and continue to progress, so I like to log the numbers. I’ve seen some decent bicep growth the last few months but triceps have done absolutely nothing lol makes me sad. I feel like now I’m at the point where if I had some more tricep I’d have “decent” arms

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My triceps are nice and high up, makes me more aerodynamic lol. Not great for big looking arms though.

Mine are too dude. Like 6” away from my elbow :joy:

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I trained yesterday and was pleased with performance after three days in a row.

Bench 295 5x5
Pull up (not chin) 8x6 went lower on reps to see how the elbow was. Seemed fine
Narrow bench 240 3x7
Biceps 2x15 at 25s, with burnout at 20s
Side raises 20 2x15, with burnout at 15s
Triceps pushdowns 120 2x15 with burnout at 80

Normally, the arm work is more sets, but had movie tickets for black widow so hard to cut it a bit short. Liked the movie 7.5/10.


Spent the weekend at my aunt and uncle’s cabin up north. Exercise was slalom skiing. Damn, is skiing difficult for me, when I don’t do it often (had been two years). When my uncle asks me if I want to ski, it is kinda like asking me if I want to go pull a 90% deadlift after 6 drinks. I guess I did it though.

First day back since Thursday. Deadlifts today.

Deadlift 425 +90 in chains 5x3 (probably only lifting 45 in chains)
Weighted chin 25 5x8
Deadlift 405 3x5
Pull up 3x7
Biceps and triceps did them, but it was like two drop sets each.

On a side note, one of my lifting buddies set the APF world deadlift record for the 55-59 age group. I think he pulled about 685 in gear in the 275 weight class (untested). Gives me hope for the future.

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So a the buddy of mine who set the deadlift record is trying to get me to do a meet middle of November. I am considering doing it, but only push / pull. I just don’t like competing in the squat (it gives me lots of anxiety compared to the other two lifts).

Now should I do this meet? What weight class should I go for? I am thinking 181 lb class would be doable. I am 195 lbs right now. Would try for sitting around 190 before the cut. Now in the past, I’ve never really been into cutting for a meet, but I think my numbers would be pretty good at 181 lbs. I originally had a goal of 1000 lbs in push pull at 198, but it might be possible at 181. Thoughts?


I think it might help you keep motivated and work on your goals - its a good thing to do.

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  1. Grow into the meet. 600 dl 400 bench.
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@ejones1 and @hankthetank89 both are good perspectives. Growing into it, would allow for more options for PEDs. 181, I would probably have to go with cruise test (200 mg/wk), and probably Tbol. Growing into the meet, I could bump test up, and run an oral (if I cut to 198, from about 205).

How would you adjust training for push / pull? I will probably stop doing as much OHP for a period to bench twice a week. As far as deadlifting, is twice a week better than say once a week deadlifting, and one day of slightly high box squats with an SSB?

I’d run 3 cycles/blocks of Juggernaut timed to peak into the meet.

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Peaking for me seems tricky. I feel that most peaking programs have me peaked a bit too early, then the low volume leads to a bit of a regression. I have always seemed like I was really out of shape on meet day. Maybe it is a mental thing? I also don’t like the whole week off thing. I do think 3-4 days of no training gets me really strong.

Does Juggernaut have any templates for a meet without squat?

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when I say peak I only mean the third week which is heavy falls the week of the meet and you lift at the meet instead of in the gym.

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