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Ben's Training (The Stupid Thread 3)

16 inch is good for below 200… i think i was like 16.5 at 220 when at my leanest… maybe a bit below…

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My arms are tough to grow for me. They just don’t have those 3D muscle bellies. I think I have decent roundness in the delts though.

Always wanted a big set of arms. I guess I got delts, and a good shoulder to waist ratio (IMO). When obsessed with arms, I didn’t even consider those things. Just was upset about arms.

Would really like a solid 17" arm with visible abs. Best I can do is try for it.

Mine suck also so i just have up on them… I hope they will just grow if i get to 200kg bench some day :smiley:

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I believe in compound lifts a lot. I am trying to build bench, OHP, chins and rows to build arms. I also do a bit of pump work every session for the arms (for about the last 6 months).

I think all my powerlifting training, Chins and Rows were neglected. I think I may get some gains on biceps as I build those up.

A guy my height at my gym can do a pull up single with 150 extra pounds. He benches about 20 lbs more than I do, and his arms blow mine away. I am probably at a single chin (not pull up like he does) with about 75 extra lbs. I think if I can build the chin to an extra 150 lbs, I think the biceps would have to grow.

In for this shit

Keep me in the loop @mnben87 my ma

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Weighed in at 195 last night. Moving in the right direction.

I am starting to think 190 lbs might not be enough given water weight loss. I think 190 lbs would be a good number if accounting for water weight, so something like 190 lbs - 5 lbs water = 185. Maybe need to shoot for 185. I am sure I’ll be 190 very quickly after putting the water back on (like a week or two).

Another hot workout yesterday. Was rushed for time because I had a bbq/bonfire to go to.

Bench 275 5x5
Row 245 5, 6, 7, 5, 5
Narrow bench 225 5x8
Chin 5x10 slower negatives


Legs today.

Squat 340 4x4
Chins +35 5x5
Belt squat 315 2x8
Chins bw 3x12
Biceps did them


How are you doing your bicep work? All pump work? Got a certain think you like to progress on then pump work? Or ?

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I’m trying one set that is heavier to progress either weight or reps, then pump work. Tbh, the biceps were pretty fried after the chinning.

Forum is really glitchy. Can’t see my last post. Just 3x of this one.

I never could get chins to hit my biceps very well. I was obviously doing something wrong lol. I’ve actually seen some bicep growth over the last few months, now I just need to fix the void where I’m supposed to have triceps.

Yea the Tripple/quad post thing happens to me all the time.

I do a few mixed sets of chins and pullups, and i switch every set. That kills my biceps so much, i wouldnt wanna do an extra curl even if someone paid me.

I never did play around with different grips, might need to try.

Try doing a set of curls before a set of chins. You will know the biceps are working if you do that.

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I saw this on one of wendlers videos where he changes grip after 7-10 pullups, you can do wide, narrow, chin/pullup, neutral grips… and all in either same set or just every set different…
Exactly the fact that i change pull to chin is where my biceps are blowing up. Doing seperate does not provide that effect for me.

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The chin is too the bicep as the squat is to the quad imo. I think I can drive more growth to my arms getting to chins with 2 x 45s hanging than I could doing isolation. Still do isolation, but using the chin as the major driver.

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Agree. I believe there was an EMG study done, and it showed that pullups and chinups work biceps the same as curls, with the added benefit of a compound movement and extra back work.

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Tried to like your post, but the forum seems extra glitchy.

Today’s work:

Ohp 155 3x5 cut these to less than last week because my shoulders kept me awake
Row 255 6x5
Incline press 185 3x8
Neutral grip chin 2x10
Triceps did them

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It seems cutting volume did help with the shoulders during sleep. Sleep is still a complicated thing for me, but at least I wasn’t waking up from that.

Moving forward, I’ll see what I can do with 3 sets of OHP and Incline Press with moderate weight. May add in some delt flys, but delts are a strong point for me anyways.