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Ben's Training (The Stupid Thread 3)

I have never seen belt squat in any of the gyms in my country, not even professional powerlifter gym…
The high-end powerlifting gym means that you have deadlift platforms, not just bang the floor, and maybe 1 SSB and MAYBE there is a deadlift bar somewhere. Thats it.

I do box squats on a pretty low box and i can get in good volume with little weight and little overall fatigue, but it wrecks my legs very good.
But i still do some lunges as i think one needs more than 1 exercise tho… Id like to be a training minimalist but i dont think works.

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Bench night.

Bench 335 5x3
Chin with 5 second negative 5x6 these really got my biceps burning
Narrow grip bench 275 3x6
Belt squat 315x10 335x10,16
Bicep cable curl 130x15,17

Pretty good day. Next week will be a test at 345 for 5x3.


Leg day.

Duffalo 3" high box squat 410x3 420x3 430x3 440x3
Belt squat 315x10 335x10 355x18
Chin up +25 3x10 last set dropped the weight and did 5 more
Cable curl 140x15 drop to 100 and did 7 more

Challenging day. Felt a bit dizzy after the 440 on squats. The 18 on belt squat brought out the bro in me. There where some serious grunts during that set.


Over head day.

Log push press 175 3x5
Chin with 5 second negative 3x7
Log strict press 155 3x5
Neutral grip chin 3x8
Incline press 250 5,5,8
Belt squat 275 slow eccentric with pause at bottom 8,10,15
Cable bicep curl 150x15 drop to 100x10
Tricep rope press down 150x15 drop to 100x8

Was a good day. Happy to get the same reps as I did last week with 5lbs more in incline. The slow negative chin is brutal on the biceps, and the belt squat makes me want to die.

Really liking this training set up. I’m excited for some volume pressing on deadlift day instead of chins. Gonna do narrow grip bench with the shoulder saver. One thing I was thinking is to alternate rep schemes. Two volume days per week, and two heavy days. Not sure on that as everything is going well as is.


Deadlifts and back pumps today

Deadlift 455 3x5
Narrow bench with shoulder saver 235 5x10
TRX row 3x10
Ssb lunge 65x20 115x20 155x20
Cable curl 160 3x10

Back still pumped 45 minutes later. I think I need the taurine even without the tbol.


Bench day

Bench 345 5x3
Slow eccentric chin (5 seconds) 3x8
Narrow bench 295 6,6,8.75
Belt squat 315x10 365x10,12
Triceps press down 160 3x10

Felt really good. Gonna go for 5x3 at 355 next week. 4 plates here I come.


Squat today. Left hip was sore, do I pulled back a little in the volume.

Squat duffalo high box 410x1 420x1 430x1 440x1 450x1 460x1 410x3
Chin +50 3x7 (hard af)
Belt squat 275x10 315x10 335x10
Leg extension 160 3x12
Curl 30s 3x15


Overhead today.

Log push press. 185 3x5
5 second negative chin 3x8
Log strict 165 3x5
Pull-up 3x9
Incline press 255 5,5,7
Cable curl 170 14, 8,9
Tricep press down 170 16
Side raises 20 2x12

Skipped belt squat to let the hip recover. Felt pretty strong tonight. Log clean is getting better. I pinched my stomach once though. Balance is still being learned on these. I’ll probably go two more weeks with 10 lb increases before I lower the weight to practice form a bit.


Deadlift day

Deadlift 545x1 585x1 (easiest this weight had ever been) 495 3x3
Narrow bench with shoulder saver 245 5x10
Belt squat slow eccentric with pause 275 3x10
Hammer strength row 245 3x10
Rope press down 180x10 110x8 80x8 no rest between sets
Cable curl 180x10 110x8 80x6 no rest between sets

Felt pretty strong today. Minimal back pumps. Went easy on the belt squat to ease back into it.


Haven’t logged in a bit. Been slightly lazy, but decent. Highlights and low lights are: bench I missed 355 5x3. 2 on the first set. Was an off day I think. Did 4x5 with 325 after that set. Log, 195 for 3x5 push press. I’m going to drop weight quite a bit and up the reps, that was pretty heavy for me. Squat 3x5 at 380.

Deadlift today.
Deadlift 505 3x3
Narrow bench with shoulder saver red 255 5x10
Belt squat 405 5,6,7
Weighted chin with 5 second eccentric +25 3x5