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Ben's Training (The Stupid Thread 3)

Feel your pain- that was me on bench today. 75% of the way up, and NOPE. You’ll get it next time!

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Maybe lol. It would have been a 15 lb pr. Flew off the floor. I got it to here though, and hit a wall.

@af787 responding to you too. It’s a maybe for this weight, but I do think in a couple months, that weight should be good.


You didn’t say no straps!?!? Fuck bro. That’s insane

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I’m jealous…

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Hook grip! If you get it down, it’s really a strong grip. I am a bit stronger with hook grip vs straps. Pretty sure it’s because I take my breath at the top, and straps take to long.

You wouldn’t be if you missed your deadlifts consistently at the knee lol.


Great work. Awesome forearm veins!

Anyway, Toes out, strong start. Toes Forward, strong finish.

Maybe you could experiment with your feet and trade some speed off the floor for more glutes at the knees?

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It’s all I got man.

I do think that you might be on to something with this. I have moved the feet in just a tad, and it feels better. Maybe I should try just a bit further in? My former position was a bit weird, and closer does feel better, but is it stronger? Maybe? I’ll give it a try.

The best puller I know isn’t quite semi sumo, but pretty close to it.

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Like you mentioned, sometimes you get in a “weird” position trying to copy another lifter’s stance. It’s possible that something in your setup is limiting your ability to push your hips through, and that’s causing you to miss at the same spot. Theoretically, maybe you could make an adjustment to your width or foot position and get a little smoother passing the knees.

Sometimes the bar is just heavy though.

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Benched Friday. I didn’t have much time as we were hosting a party woo, it was pretty fun!

Bench 325 5x5

Was pretty happy with how that went. Start of the blast I missed 325 for the second rep on my first set of doubles. Mid more volume though.

Squat today

Duffalo 3" high box squat 420 3x3
Weighted chin +50 5x6
Belt squat 325 5x10
Neutral grip chin 2x10

Too little volume, too much partying this weekend. Was fun though.


Yesterday was the last day of Tbol :cry: I think I’ll add it in at the tail end too. I didn’t get many sides from it, aside from heartburn (which I had previously), back pumps (which I seemed to solve at least partially with Taurine), and I am sure my liver and lipids weren’t happy.

I liked Tbol. Just seemed so clean, and provided a noticeable boost in strength (although 875 mg/wk of test might do that).

I am up about 15 lbs overall. Abs are a bit blurrier, but last time I weight this much it was more fat for sure. Struggling a bit with keeping eating up. Maybe that is okay as the initial weight gain was pretty rapid.

I am thinking DHB is probably out this go around. I haven’t heard back on it, and with the time it would take to get it, I don’t know if it is worth it.

Overhead tonight. Kinda running out of options to progress on the barbell, so tonight I think I’ll have some fun with the log. Start out kinda light so I can progress over the next few weeks.


how much per day? I might try that next.

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I was running 40 mg/day. I took it in the morning all at once. Tbol has a long half life for an oral (about 16 hours), so splitting it up isn’t really necessary.

I think that is a good starting dose. I think some go up to 80-100 mg/day. I did get some nasty pumps even on 40, so I probably will stick with that dose and not go higher (I’d use something else).

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Overhead day.

Log push press 160 3x5
Chin +25 3x10
Log strict 160 3x5
Chin 3x10
Incline press 245 5,5,8
Belt squat slow eccentric with pause 275 8,9,10

Pretty good. No arms again, but compounds were hit pretty hard.


I did two days in a row, well 3 if you include OHP day. A little fatigued feeling. Did a bit less on the two subsequent days, but compared to a normal week, some good work.

Weighted chin +80 3,2 (was going to do 3x3 and was humbled), I had done a lot of chins the day before though.
Narrow grip bench with shoulder saver (little red pad that reduces ROM a bit) 225 9x10, 15 (lot of volume for the tris)
Barbell row 225 5x5

Deadlift 525x3 (man that really smoked me), 495x3, 495x1
Chins with 5 second pause at top, and 5 second negative 3x5
Walking lunge with SSB 135 3x20 (10 per leg). I like these with the SSB. My arms don’t go numb.

Was thinking on deadlift day, I’ll throw in another pressing day. I am hitting chins very hard, and I don’t like how the chin may impact the dead more than another press. I think I may progress on the narrow press with the shoulder saver.

I also think my heavy training is starting to take too long for my liking (it is costing me volume). I think training a bit lighter with a bit more volume would be more beneficial.


This seems to stick out to me as “extra sucky”. I couldn’t imagine this

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They only get hard after about 10. They really cause some serious DOMs the first time you do them though. A gym buddy does them with at least 225, makes feelings of inadequacy come out hard. I need to channel my inner Ronnie Coleman though and do these.

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Lunges are hard. I do them, but i always end up feeling like i just did 30 burpees. Its more cardio for me :smiley:

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So far they are light. I am going to try to bump up by 10 lbs a week. Still very out of breath though.

i do only 100lbs for 12 reps on each leg, alternating legs… after heavier leg exercises… if i go heavier, i tend to lose balance, so i just use these instead of leg extensions or smth, cuz i want some lighter leg work, but i also believe that movements with a barbell are better than machines…
cuz i could do a fuckton of leg extensions and leg curls on the machines, but im dead after 3x12 light lunges - so i dont think leg work in machines does much.

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Do you have access to a belt squat. Those I think are pretty good. If you don’t have a machine setting up a belt squat isn’t very hard. Just need boxes and a way to get weight hanging off of you.

I think of it as a way to push volume on the legs. Not to hard to do some sets with it.