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Ben's Training (The Stupid Thread 3)

Figured I should start a log as I am no longer working with a coach (and was told I should). I was powerlifting for a while. Not super excited to compete anymore, and I wasn’t that great, so for now I am leaning up. Strongman excites me, and I might do a comp in the nearish future.

198 lbs
Squat: 507 with wraps (comp lift)
Bench: 385 in the gym (can’t due this currently as I am recovering from what I believe is a nerve issue, recently have done 315)
Deadlift: 600 lbs

I was on TRT though a clinic. I do it on my own now (mostly to reduce hassle, and also cost), so I’ll call it a cruise. I have comprehensive bloods taken on cruise. I have that posted in the pharma section if anyone is interested. I have done two blasts before. One at 325 mg/wk (disappointing), and 600-650 mg/wk. The latter blast was a recomp blast, which worked somewhat, but I was also let down. From now on cutting will be on cruise (200 mg/wk, which gets me to top of range), and blasts will be done in a caloric surplus. I am trying to keep the blasts to less than 1/3 the time of cruise. I am also experimenting with Finasteride at 0.5 mg on M,W,F. I have good hair, and want to keep it that way while blasting and cruising. Oddly enough, since starting the finasteride, my libido has been off the chain. Could be something else, or opposite placebo lol.

I am trying to get to 190 by July. If I do so, I will reward myself with Tbol added to my TRT dose for 4-6 weeks. I want to be athletic (strong mostly), and aesthetic.

I am still figuring out what I will be doing exactly for training. For now it looks like this:

BB Row
Incline Press
Underhand BB Row

The first two exercises will be super sets, exercises 3 and 4 will be super sets, and biceps and triceps will be as well. These will not be super short rest periods. I find that if just doing OHP, I might need 4-5 minutes if it is heavy. If I pair with a row, I can rest 3 minutes between each with little impact to performance.

Leg press or hack squat

Same idea with the super sets here.

BB row
DB row
Tate press

Same idea with the super sets here.

Chins (weighted)
Belt Squat
Chin (body weight)

Same idea with the super sets here.

This training block emphasizes the back the most (why Friday has rows before bench). Weight loss is also a goal here obviously with what I wrote above. I will be walking nearly every day. I haven’t the last two days as it has been near 100 F where I live.

I have some idea on progression. I am starting out higher volume, and will reduce over time as the weight get heavier. I’ll probably add sets to keep volume high as that happens.

I’ll try to keep this pretty updated.


I shall be following. Don’t forget to grace us with some man bun pics here and there

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You might even get one with hair down. Still got the Hulk Hogan mustache too.

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Oh man. It’s suddenly a little hotter in here :hot_face:

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Just finished a hot af workout. Must have been over 100 f in the gym.

Deadlift: 495 3x3
Chins: bw 5x12
Belt squat: 275 3x10
Cable row: 150 3x12
Arms: did them

Took a starting photo (felt like a huge douche). My camera sucks, and I don’t think they have ever washed the mirror.

Looking a bit flat due to the cut. @blshaw, you called me out on veins. Not the best today, and the photo is potato, but I think they show up a bit. Still need to drop some stomach fat. Thinking I am sitting at 14-15 percent body fat.

Should also tag @unreal24278 as he was the one who prompted me to start the log.


Bro, sexy AF but a shirtless photo in the gym!? Just how bro are you

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I said I felt like a douche lol. First time I’ve done that.


Mirin that confidence though! Lookin good man. Nice and thick and juizy

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I’m thinking 190, and I’ll look like a oversized under wear model.

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Along for the ride.

Do you have a plan actually laid out for this, or are you going with a more suck it and see approach ?

Well, I was intending a bit higher volume on dead, but with the temperature I was like let’s start slow. I’m planning on either adding a set each week, or a rep. Doesn’t have to be a rep on each set, but I’ll take something like 4, 3, 3. Even if I could do 4,4,4. I’ve learned I’ve gotta leave room for weekly progression. More bro than than a whole template for 10 weeks. I’ve found for myself, that this style of training seems to work for me.

Have you ever taken epistane? I might try that down the line considering there is still one supplement venue that sells it within the lines of a “legally grey area”.


Looking forward to what this log has in store! Godspeed my friend. Perhaps I’ll start a log sometime too, gotta wait for gyms to reopen AND I gotta wait to retain my lost strength post op.

No epistane at least not yet. I have taken test, var, and a couple days here and there of tbol. I guess I’ve done a day of drol too.

For the near future, test and tbol are on the table. I got better strength with 3 days of tbol vs 6 weeks of var (the last week being at 100mg/day for a meet). I’m also interested in dhb and hgh, but I’m probably a year out from that.

Very impressed. Looking pretty ripped my friend. Definitely more cut than I expected and I don’t mean to be offensive in saying that. I just always pictured you with a more powerlifter physique and you’re definitely taking on a body builder look.


Thank you man! I am going forward with a powerbuilding approach, which is pretty close to what I was doing. I have a few strength goals still left (mostly benching 405), but I am going some for aesthetics now.

Definitely was that at one point. It just isn’t worth the extra 50 lbs on the total for me anymore. I have also seen that a few of the best powerlifters I know are jacked. I think being jacked in a lower weight class works well for the sport too.

I am actually thinking doing a 198 lb class strongman comp in the future. Might be out of the powerlifting game. strongman just seems like more fun.

Why you say it was a let down? I’m 4 weeks into a blast at 400mg.

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Well, it just wasn’t as much of a recomp as I had hoped. I stayed the same weight, but maybe only lost a percent or two body fat. I think had I cut on cruise, and then blasted, the results would be better in the end. I did get stronger at the same weight. Could be I just don’t respond that much to Test / gear.

I guess I am starting to think that unless high level, that blasts should be used to build. I don’t seem to lose much cutting on cruise, but I am no where near being a BBer prepping for a show.

Arms look thick. Since you have a shirtless selfie in the gym, you must have a biceps measurement also? :smiley:

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They are about 16". Actually lost a bit on the arm cutting from 205-208 to 198. They were 16.5". I was thinking the delts and traps kinda overshadowed the arms.

Just here to see some progress!