Benos' Training Log

So, guess, first of all, should explain what I am doing.

After recommendations from people on here, going to be doing 5/3/1 (Boring but Big) with ‘North of Vag’ along with some carb cycling (with my high-carb days being my squat and deadlift days).

My goals. I want to reach 12% body fat by June 1st, 2011. I would also like to compete in some Scottish Highland Games next summer. So, a straight cut to get as light as possible is not an option.

So, lifts.
Press - Max: 145, Training Max: 130
Deadlift - Max: 230, Training Max: 205
Bench Press - Max: 185, Training Max: 165
Front Squat - Max: 160, Training Max: 145

Current stats/measurements.
Weight - 278.8
Body Fat Percentage - 30.81% (using the Navy Tape Measure Test method)
Lean Mass- 192.91
Fat Mass - 85.89
Neck - 18.75
Chest - 47.75
Waist - 46.5
Bicep - 18
Forearm - 13.75
Thigh - 28
Calf - 18.5

So, first day of lifting.

Military Press.
One set of five at 65% 1rm - 85 pounds
One set of five at 75% 1rm - 100 pounds
One set of ten (made my goal) at 85% 1rm - 110 pounds

Then dropped the weight down to 50% (65 pounds) and completed five sets of ten, the last one was a killer.

My rest sets for the first three were however long it took to change the plates. For the 5x10, one minute rest for each set.

Then did five sets of ten jump chinups. My shoulders were to shot to do ten sets of ten. Even with the assistance of my legs, had trouble pulling myself up on that fifth set.

Followed this with three sets of ten on the ‘Trainer’ Captains of Crush (equivalent to 100lbs of force).

Lastly, performed five sets of ten of Boxer jaw Openers, for my jaw and neck.