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Benoit Toxicology Results

Testosterone,Xanax and Vicodin for Chris… (Test @ 207 mcg per liter)

Xanax, Hydrocodone and Hydromorphone for Nancy Benoit

Xanax for Daniel Benoit.

what the the average mcg/liter for the average weight lifting male?

What do these all mean?

[quote]undeadlift wrote:
What do these all mean?[/quote]

According to the examiner giving the press conference, all of these levels were ‘elevated’ and the testosterone levels indicated he had been injecting it.

The child’s level indicates he was sedated before being killed.

Reporters at the press conference asked a few times if the level of drugs in his system were in essence, responsible for his actions. The examiner said there was no way to know.

Testosterone level was taken via urine analysis, other levels taken via blood I believe.

Talking heads on t.v. keep trying to make this into a roid-rage thing despite the examiner saying that the sedation of his son showed clear premeditation.



They’re going to go after Vince MacMahon again with steroids, and the know it alls on CNN discussion panels will give supplmentation a black eye. Oh well, it isn’t going to stop me, as I’m sure it won’t stop the rest of you either.

So I take it the Xanax didn’t have anything to do with the childs illness?

I’m watching a news report right now and I want you to know…

Steroids killed his family
it couldn’t have hurt he had the xanax or hydrocodon either…

BUT IT WAS THE STEROIDS!!! The news says so = final word

ohhhhhh news

hydrocodon is serious shit. They gave me that after I had some oral surgery a few years ago and I tore the house apart for about 30 minutes before finally falling asleep.