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Bennidiesels Stay With It Log


Well, im not much of a blogger, logger, whatever you might say but i am going to give this a shot to keep myself in check. i have prepared myself for a 12 week program that started Monday 8/10. i attempted to stick to the diet and workouts for about a month prior so that i could phase out the 'fall off the earth' feelings from the drastic change.

thus far, havent done bad, i feel alot better really, although i didnt think that i felt bad before. the biggest issue is the traditional big dinners at night, and beer on the weekends, im having moderate success on defeating both of those demons so far. ill log my lifting and nutrition for each day here. i lift 6 days a week, one day being a 'circus' day and sunday is off. cardio is mixed, depending on what work needs to be done outside of my desk job at home.


monday 8/10 nutrition:
2451cal-274g protein-209g carb-50g fat

current stats: 5’11", 240lbs.

monday lifts:
wide grip pullups BW 3x5 w/incline BB Press 225x10,235x6,245x6,135x20
shoulder grip pullups BW 3x7 w/Flat BB Press 245x8,255x8,265x8
chin ups BW 3x8 w/Decline BB Press 265x3x5reps
1 Arm Rows 100lbs 4x12 w/Incline Flies 45x3x20 then Flat Flies 60lbsx2x15
Hang Cleans 135x2x5reps


Tuesday 8/11

2747cal-305g protein-200g carb-100g fat

side laterals ss w/rear laterals 20lbsx1x20reps,30lbsx2x20reps
1 arm tri extensions 20lbsx20,30x20,35x20,40x20
Military Press-Standing 135x10,155x8,185x8,210x5
Preacher curls Db-30x15,35x15,40x15,40x15 ss w/Arnolds 45lbsx3x20reps
BB Curls 95lbsx15,105x12,115x2x12 ss w/Skullcrushers 115lbsx4x12
Close Grip BB Press 185x12,205x12,225x2x8 ss w/Standing Alt Curls 35x15,40x3setsx15reps

1x50 twists
4x20 ab work


What program are you following? Or is it one that you have created?


I made that up on my own, its what my body seems to respond to well, high volume, each muscle groupd 2 times a week.
nutrition wise im trying to go by the 40/40/20 rule, but im still learning how to eat for that.


Wednesday 8/12
Nutrition; 2872cal-301gpro-179gcarb-87.5gfat

Leg Extensions 50lbs 20, 65lbsx2x20 ss w/leg curls 50lbs 20, 65lbs2x20 ss w/step ups BW 3x10
Box Squats: WUp 135x15, 245-12,275-10, 315-8, 365-5 ass-to-grass squat 225lbs-8
Front Squats: 155-8,175-8, 195-7
Lunges BW 2x15
Split Squats w/bar 2x10
Calf Raises BW 4x25 ss w/Leg Extensions 75lbs 4x15


Body Measurements 8/13 cold.
Left Thigh 27"/4" above knee 22.25"
Right Thigh 26.25"/4" above knee 22.25"
Left Calf 17.25", right calf 18"
Left Forearm/Right Forearm 13"
Left Bi 18", right bi 17.5"
Chest at Nipple 48.25"
Hips 43"
waste below navel 39", waste above navel 39", waste at navel 42.5"
neck 16.5"
wrist r/l 7"


Thursday 8/13.
2697cal-255g protein-238.5g carbs-100.5g fats

Straight Leg Deadlifts 135lbsx3x10 ss w/Incline Flies 45lbsx2x20
Incline DB Press 80lbsx15reps, 100lbs 12, 15 reps ss/deadlifts 225lbs-10, 275lbs-5, 295lbs-3, 315lbs-1
Flat DB Press 100lbs 4x12 ss w/Bent Over Rows 225lbs 3x10
Incline Flies 45lbs 3x20 ss w/T Bar Rows 135lbs-12, 180lbs(4 plates) 2x10
Flat Flies 60lbs 2x15 ss w/Barbell shrugs 225lbs 3x25reps


Nutrition 3764cal-270protein-240carb-150fats

Side laterals 20lbs x2x20 ss w/rear laterals 20lbs x2x20
Upright Rows 95lbs 15, 105lbs x 3 x 15
DB Shoulder Press 60lbs 20, 80lbs 3 x 20,20,16(failure set)
Seated Alternate curls 35lbs 4x15 ss w/Close Grip BB Press 185lbs-13,225lbs 3x 8
Standing BB Curls 135lbs 4x8 ss w/Dips BW-15,+10-15,+20-15,+30-15
Tricep Pullover-cable-50lbs 2 x 12 ss w/
DB SHrugs 80lbs 2 x 25


2583cal-202g protein-244g carb-76g fat

Pullups 8x8
Pushups (mixed grip) 8x20


Monday 8/17

Wide grip pullups BW 3x5 ss w/Incline BB Press 225-10,235-8,245-8 +185-15
Shoulder width pullups BW 3x7(2&3 UH) ss w/Flat BB Press 245-8,355-8,265-5 + 225-10
Chin ups BW 3x8 ss w/Decline BB Press 275lbs 3x4
1 Arm Rows 100lbs 4x10 ss w/Incline Flies 45lbsx3x20 and Flat Flies 60lbsx2x15
Hang Cleans 135lbs x 5


Tuesday 8/18

Side lateral Raise, Rear lateral raise, 1 arm tri extension 20lbs 20, 30lbs x2x20
BB Pushpress 135-10, 165-8, 195-8, 215-5
Preacher Curls DB-35x2x15,40x2x12 ss w/Arnolds 60lbsx3x12
Standing BB Curls 85lbsx3x15 (wide grip) ss w/Skullcrushers 115-12,125x2x12
Close Grip BB Bench 185-12, 225x2x8 ss w/Standing alt curls 35-15,40x2x15
3x20 jacknifes-abs


Wednesday 8/19

leg extensions 60lbs 3x20 ss w/ leg curls 60lbs 3x15 ssw/step ups 3x10 BW
Box Squats 225-9(low), (regular box=) 275-10,315-10,365-6 followed by 225lbs squats x12.
Front squats 185lbs 8,6,8
Lunges +20lbs 2x10
Romanian split squats +15lbs 2x12,15
Calf raises BW 4x25 ss w/LEg extensions 75-15,100lbs3x15
3x20 abs


Thursday 8/20
Straight leg deads 135lbs 3x10 ss w/incline flies 45lbs 3x20
Incline DB Press 80lbs-15, 100lbs2x15 ss w/Deadlifts 225lbs-10,275lbs-5, 295lbs-3, 315lbs-1, 335lbs-1
Flat DB Press 100lbs 4x15 ss w/Bent Over BB Rows 25lbs (UH) 3x10
1 arm cable flies 12,15,15 ss w/T Bar Rows 3platesx15, 4plates 2x10
falt flies 60lbs 2x15 ss w/BB Shrugs 225lbs 3x25


friday 8/21:

Side lateral raises 2x20 20lbs ssw/Rear lateral raies 2x20 20lbs-30lbs
Upright rows 95-15, 115-15, 135-10x2
DB Shoulder Press 60lbs-20, 80lbs x 3 x 20
Seated Alt curls (incline) 30-15,35lbs 3 x15 ss w/press downs 80lbs 4 x 20
Abs_ 2x25 leg lifts, 3x25 jacknifes, 3x20weighted pulldowns


Saturday 8/22:
3934cal-95fat-358carb-284 prtein


leg extensions 85lbs 4x 15 ssw/front squats 95lbs 4 x 15
Back Squats 185lbs 3 x 8 ss w/Weighted pullups +10 3 x 5
DB Squats on board (toes up) +30 2x 15 ssw/Standing 1 arm cable rows 80lbs 2 x 8
Dips Bw 2x10 ssw/Front raises 30lbs 2x10 ssw/ Leg raises 2 x 15


sunday 8/23
3400cal-116 prtein-269carb-200fat
i havent kept track on sundays before, thought that i shoulde and sure enought, completely shitty diet. I did some out side activities and stay busy so im know im burning some calories, but the diet isnt up to par for recuperation. this is definately and area i need to clean up. I can not recuperate properly on a 6 day split by taking in bullshit calories, tons of fat and carbs with little protein on a rest day, and drank a 6 pack to top it off! Worthless waste of 24 hours!


Monday 8/24
3001cals-306g protein-228g carbs-95g fat

Wide Grip pullups BW 3x5 ss w/ Incline BB PRess 225-10, 235-8, 245-8+185-15(pump)
Shoulder width pullups 7(OH) 2x7(UH) BW ss w/Flat BB Press 245-10, 255-8, 265-8
Chin UPs BW 3x8 ss w/ decline BB Press 275-3x4
1 Arm Rows 100lbs 4x10 ss w/INcline flies 45-3x20 & Flat flies 60lbs 2x15
Hang Cleans 135-5,8 (wide grip)


Tuesday 8/25
3184cal-301g protein-103g carbs-171g fat

Leg extensions ss w/leg curls 60lbs 3x20/3x15 ss w/ step ups BW 3 x 10
Box Squats 135-15(WU) 245-12, 275-10, 315-10, 365-6; 225lbs reg squat heels up 8, toes up 5(1" board)
Front squats 185 3x8
Lunges +20 2x10
Romanian Split Squats +15 2x15
Calf Raises BW 4x25 ss w/Leg extensions 100lbs 4x15
30 leg raises+15crunches+20Jacknifes


Wednesday 8/26
Rear Lateral raise Incline 20lbs 4x20 ss w/Tri presdowns 80lbs 5x15 ss w/Incline alt curls 30lbs 4x15
BB Pushpress 135-10, 165-8, 195-8, 215-5
Preacher curls DB 35lbs 2x15,40lbs 2x12 ss w/Side lateral raises 30lbs 4x10
Standing BB curls (cambered) 115lbs 3x10 ss w/Skullcrushers 115lbs 3x10
1x30 Crunches