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Benni Magnusson and Eddie Hall's 461kgs Deadlifts


Yesterday at Europes strongest man in leeds england Benedikt magnusson and Eddie hall both pulled 461kg deadlifts however Eddies was disallowed as he dropped it and to me it didnt look fully locked out. Both very impressive. Here are the videos for anyone who hasnt already seen them.


Eddie came out of no where with that 1000+. Benni also shocked alot of people considering not but 1-2 weeks prior, he pulled a slow 902. Deadlift standard is ever-increasing.


Did you make the trip down? Was a great day out. Got ahead of myself and started another thread before I saw this one.


Here's some good footage of the WR https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-O5U0HNdygg


Eddie Hall doesnt have the grip to hold that 1016, Bennie does.I can see Hall making a new equiped deadlift record


To be fair, a few minutes earlier he had conducted a TV interview with 446kg in his hands, on his second attempt at that weight.


He is the big mouth arrogant type,much like Leeman,he wanted to show off now he lost.Even so,Benni lifted and hold 1015 very fast and easy.Lets see Hall do it without straps.Dont get me wrong,Hall is probably the next Savickas,i see him winning wsm in the future.


That's what I had him down as but he actually won me over on the day. I think he's just one of those larger than life personalities (maybe what strongman needs?). The crowd LOVED him, especially with him being a local.

I agree that he's definitely one to watch. On the sub-WR deadlifts he was moving the bar a lot faster than most of the others. It was impressive to see and I just wish that we could have seen him and Magnusson compete for the WR beyond 461kg.

One of my mates asked him if he did the scar over his eye himself to look like Leonidas and he took in in good(ish) humour, pointing to a couple of other scars that happened at the same time... he wouldn't tell us the story though.


Bjornsson seems to be the more clear heir, I would say.