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Benjamin Button


A great movie, but it left me, personally, feeling drained. It just magnifies the fact that life is so so so finite. Damn, I wasn't happier leaving the theater, I'll tell you that.

Good show though, interesting that it was set in Katrina-time New Orleans. Apparently that's Brad Pitt's new baby.

Is it just me or does Brad Pitt pretty much only do good movies? I'll have to check his IMDb page, but I can't recall that guy ever being in a cliche, stupid movie.


Outside of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I agree.


Aced... nice one. That one was pretty douche-y.


That movie was so looong. And they turned the original short story into a romance. And changed everything except the "age reversal" concept. You can read the actual story online for free and judge for yourself which is better. http://www.readbookonline.net/read/690/10628/


You're right, it was LONG!


Don't forget Sinbad.

That's right, Brad Pitt was SINBAD in SINBAD.

The fact that it was Disney does NOT make it acceptable.

I bet the only way he could perform was to anesthetize himself by swimming in the money they gave him for it.


And that Jesse James movie. I swear to God, I've seen French films with faster pacing.


AND NOTHING HAPPENED! There's a lot of talk, a retard, and by the time they got around to killing Jesse James, I didn't even care anymore. I just wanted to leave so I wouldn't feel the need to gouge out my own eyes to liven up the boredom.


The Jesse James movie sucked and was long, but you know that shit was neither cliche or stupid though.


In Katrina Time?
Maybe it ends in that time but my Mothers antique shop sold tons of furniture to the set dept.Alot from the 40's to 60's time era.
Well when the crowds clear my mother,father an I will go see it & see how much of our merchandise we can spot.


Saw this movie last night and I loved it! It has so many life lessons I would recommend it to everyone.


Damn, I really don't like that feeling. But, I have been wanting to see this movie since I saw the preview, so I'll go watch it anyway.


Looking forward to it as well.

Yes, Pitt's been in some good ones. My faves are:

Fight Club

Legends Of The Fall

Interview with the Vampire

Seven Years in Tibet


12 Monkeys


Kalifornia was a pretty sick movie.


Oh... I forgot about that one. Quite good!


Did not like Burn After Reading. Nothing to do with Brad Pitt though


That's how I felt after reading this, but I went and saw it today and I'm glad I did. Although it wasn't a feel-good movie, it makes you think about life in general.

It is a long movie, but honestly it didn't feel super long; I thought it was well paced.

I, personally, liked this movie. Yes, it had no point, but I was entertained. Brad Pitt's character was my favorite.


good movie, VERY long but good.

just after a DC train session fell asleep 2-3 times :smiley: