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BenGals Cheerleader Indicted for Sex With Teen


Ben-Gals cheerleader, who appeared on a national television blasting a website and saying it posted rumors that ruined her life, is now facing charges for allegedly having sex with a teenager. Local 12 News has learned that Sarah Jones was indicted today by a Kenton County Grand Jury for first degree sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic devices to solicit illegal activity.

Jones is accused of having sex with a Dixie Heights High School student, where she taught English. In January, Local 12 reported that Jones was the subject of a police investigation after allegations were made that she had an inappropriate relationship with a student. According to the indictment, that relationship went on between October and December of last year. Local 12 has learned that, among other things, investigators have incriminating text messages allegedly sent between Sarah and her teenage lover.




The kid should have kept his mouth shut!


Seriously, what did I do wrong in school?


Man what a dumb ass. Some fucking do gooder out to protect the innocent. I can tell you this I was not innocent in highschool. Same with most of my friends.


Cause she was clearly forcing herself on to him with her evil ways. Poisoning his mind all that.


damn...I wish she had sexually whatevered me in high school...who am I kidding I wish she'd sexually whatever me now.



Undoubtedly the 16 year old boy was tramatized by getting blowjobs from, and repeatedly having sex with, a chick that looked like this.

The horror, man. The horrror.

(For the record, her face is a 6.5, but her body is a solid 9, and that ass is an 11.)


This image will now be my go to image in PWI


Why was she tapping a 16yr old? surely she could get better poon than that?


I left her tramatized after I dumped her, I guess.


he had to have bragged to his friends. You wouldnt be able to keep that a secret. His friends in turn must have been jealous and spilled the beans. Id be breaking necks.


Undoubtedly true. Half the fun of banging a girl like this is telling your friends.


Lucky fucking kid.


Am I the only one to find what she did very wrong?

And chiefly because, at 16, I had zero ability to control myself hormonally. So, yes, if this woman decided she wanted to have sex with me, I would have "hit that like the fist of an angry god" to quote the picture. I would have also fallen madly in (what I would have thought was) love.

And, at 16, probably like most men, I was also not ready for the emotional connection, nor, G-d forbid, a child.

To answer the question "why" : I think she did this because she wanted someone she could control, as she is out of control in her own life.


tru dat


Anywho back on topic. I want a ride.


Well put.


Or it could just be she's an Ephebophile


The mature adult part of me agrees with you whole-heartedly.

However, my dick says "STFU!!!"