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Benefits to Vaporizing Herbs

… Referring to Other herbs! Is there any benefit to vaporizing herbs and flowers like lavender, chamomile, mint, thyme etc.? Most general herbs are suggested for things like stress relief (ie. lavender and chamomile) so could vaping be a more beneficial method over tea for example?

Essentially nothing is absorbed systemically, and so isn’t getting to the vast majority of the body, when putting vapor into the air, except if breathing very directly as with smoking. But some compounds do have clear effect on the nervous system and from mood from being breathed, perhaps simply from effect on the nervous system from smelling them.

So for example if wanting to use thyme as a COX-2 inhibitor to relieve inflammation in the joints, vaporizing would not be the way to go. Absorption would be far better orally. But if the purpose was an aromatherapy effect on mood, then vaporizing it might do something that oral use would not.

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