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Benefits to Daily Band Glute Activation?

Has anyone found 15-20 min of band/bw glute activation exercises beneficial for growth? My program already includes 2 upper and 3 lower (glute/quad, glute/ham, quad/glute/ham) days.

I worked with a trainer for over a year and finally just started being able to even feel my glutes activating for around 6 mths now.

I’ve been making slowish gains so decided to incorporate pump band work as active recovery.

Programming leans toward Bret Contreras’ concepts and Christian Thibaudeau’s neurotyping.

I already have a well developed upper body and quads. Trying to bring up lagging ham/glutes. Hams coming in nice, glutes a bit slower.

Hello there, Imajica.

Daily activation work on a muscle group with poor MMC is fine, and it’s a common practice. That can be just flexing the muscle when you’re sitting at work, to strengthen your ability to activate it.

A lot of people will do light activation work to encourage blood flow and healing, and to encourage MMC.

@ Banded work. It depends a bit on how much resistance is in the bands you’re using. Not all bands are equal, so if you’re essentially training glutes daily with heavy bands, then that begins to go beyond activation work. If that’s the case, you want to give your muscles time to heal and recover.

Just doing a few BW glute bridges or similar, or something like this video daily is just fine, IMO.

This is one of my favorite activation exercises.

For Consideration -

For women who want a thinner bikini look, and glutes that POP, the illusion of a fuller glute in proportion to your legs, then having large hamstrings that fill in the back of your legs may not help to achieve that look. If you build quads easily, and they begin to overshadow the rest of your leg, you don’t have to train them much.

Asses the proportions of your legs. Quads to hams, hams to glutes, calves.



Thank you for your reply! Very helpful and sound advice. I tried to upload some pics but it won’t let me…I trained for a figure competition look but prefer bikini so I switched up the training. I have larger upper body and fairly good quad sweep.

I have a slightly wide middle (wide shoulders) and I’m carrying a bit of tummy fat so it’s hard for my bum to look fuller in comparison and hips look small. Maybe changing up my diet might help to really see what’s going on under the fluff lol.

I love the frog pump but I’ve only ever tried it on my back not the version you posted. I’ll try it!

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You’re very welcome!

I like a small figure to bikini look on myself. Everyone has different natural proportions and strengths.

I think it’s a good thing to build a foundation, which sounds like what you’ve been doing, resistance training for over a year now. Women can start with a basic program focused on strength or hypertrophy. That said, training for specific aesthetic goals is different than training for PLing or straight strength goals.

Nice. It can look so pretty, emphasize the curve of your leg to hip. It’s not here anymore, but I had a whole thread devoted to Quad Sweep. Seriously. Haha.

@ Tummy fat. We all have our first place to gain fat, last place to loose it. @ Diet. I agree. It comes down to genetics and diet there, so you can do what you can to loose fat, and try to control blood sugar so you hopefully aren’t putting it in your midsection. I know some studies indicate that belly fat can be related to diabetes or too much sugar. While that may be the case, I think it can also be just a genetic thing.

A few lucky women evenly distribute their fat, or put it in all the pretty places, while keeping a flat tummy. We can hate them! Haha.

On the upside, the naturally broad shoulders means you don’t have to spend tons of time developing your upper body. If you want a smaller waist, I would not spend time training obliques, or adding thickness to your abs, particularly since you prefer more of a bikini look.

Cool. Have a nice weekend and best of luck with your training. It sounds like you’ve developed a good base and are on the right track.

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This is exactly what happened to me over time. You can see my obliques and abs under the fat. I’ve stopped doing any direct oblique work and only a couple ab exercises a week. I’m hoping to lose some size on the obliques.

I trained hard for 3 years, took 1.5 years off and have been back training for 17 mths. In all that time I never felt my glutes working, like I said before, up until a bit over 6 mths ago…so I’m hoping with some more time I’ll see some real progress!

Thanks again and have a great weekend as well :slight_smile:

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