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Benefits of ZMA?

Hey I was wondering if anyone can weigh in on how well ZMA has worked for them. Noticeable differences, or maybe just how the magnesium and zinc work in your body to help boost your t or igf1 levels.

$15/month. One of the best bang for your buck supplements there are.

Deeper sleep for me. I haven’t had my t-levels tested, but I’ll put faith into it.

I’ve almost always been a good sleeper, but when I take ZMA I have awesome dreams as well as feeling more refreshed upon waking up.

Other than that, it’s no steroid, so don’t expect much.

Have you tried a search?

There have probably been hundreds of posts in multiple threads with feedback on ZMA.

For what it’s worth, it’s worth it to me for its effects on my sleep alone.

Very affordable and I get better sleep with no interuptions. I also have some pretty vivid dreams while supp’in with it.

I was already able to fall asleep quickly and remain deeply in that state until the alarm goes off. While taking ZMA, I find that I sleep deeper (more dreams) and wake up feeling better rested than before.

Like everyone has said, it is worth the $15 per month. Just remember to take it 30-60 min prior to your last meal if it contains calcium.

just as mentioned above already:
I used to be a badddd sleeper. It would NORMALLY take me about 2-3 hours just to fall asleep, and if I would hear some kind of a noise, I would be up immediately and it would take me like another hour to fall asleep.

This would be almost every night.
With ZMA I fall asleep within minutes, sleep through the whole night, have dreams almost every night, and wake up refreshed.

Did we mention they’re fucking cheap?

More and more studies are coming out proving that good sleep has positive health benefits with weight management and body comp. Not to mention feeling more rested. I would definitely recommend ZMA, I took some last night and it reminded me that I should be more consistent with it. You will find out what real sleep is.

Noted. ZMA (must have) check!

Hmm, this may sound weird but my friend told me male pornstars supplement with zinc and magnesium to get a better money shot. I don’t know if thats true or not but I’m sure its not hard to verify.

Oh, and me likes the vivid dreams.

i took some last night for the first time in months.

this morning i took a fat burner for the energy boost.

In the gym at 6am i listened to Tool.

i don’t know which of those three it was but i have been pumped as fuck the whole day and generally pissed off at myself for being a small bitch.

i will continue all three.

prison sex?

I remember reading somewhere that Zinc helps developing sperm.

My Pro’s
-It doesn’t help me go to sleep, it helps me stay asleep.

-Intense morning wood

my cons
-I have a hard time waking up after taking them.

-Take on empty stomach before bed.

[quote]theranger wrote:
prison sex?[/quote]

The Grudge

I’ve started taking some with a few other things in there too, it’s called Cyclin Z MASS. INTENSE dreams! I dreamed I armbarred a monster and then used a hatched to crack open it’s skull. I love this stuff.