Benefits of ZMA for Sleep or Protein?


I have quite a stressful job and I am tired sometimes for days on end. I have started going back to the gym and I have started using ZMA for the sleep benefits. I wake up feeling refreshed. I have vegan mix (rice, pea and hemp protein) powder, which is slow release and no calcium. ZMA is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach.

The question is, should I:

  1. Take the protein powder an hour before bed and then the ZMA right before?
  2. Take the ZMA half an hour before bed and the protein right before?
  3. Just the ZMA?
  4. Just the protein?

On the other threads about this the answers are all old from 2005+/- and mixed answers. Science has moved on since then, so I wonder if anybody has any informed opinions about this.


That’s the strategy I employ.

I take ZMA, protein shake, and sometimes a big glass of whole milk before bed. As long as I space the ZMA and the drinks out by a half hour I notice no ill effects.

Thanks for the replies guys. I will probably employ number 2 too. I can always sample it and then stop again if I am not getting the sleep benefits.

I love ZMA get a great nights sleep and it gives me better dreams it seems.